Kathleen Kane’s Incompetence v. Republican Fecklessness 2016

It appears that Kathleen Kane is in over her head. Her credentials were thin, to begin with, but she wasn’t tied to Corbett the way that Dave Freed was. Kathleen Kane may well be unqualified to be AG.

Let us see what happens to the Turnpike “pay to play” case and to the Spanier, Schultz and Curly trial. If she loses either or both, it will be more evidence of her incompetence.

The good news for Kathleen Kane is that the feckless Republicans do not have any candidate even remotely qualified to challenge Kathleen Kane. 

In 2012 Kathleen Kane dominated Dave Freed who could not win the Republican base vote. Dave Freed received substantially fewer votes than either of the other two statewide candidates for Auditor General John Maher or Treasurer Diana Irey  Vaughan. The base rejected Corbett’s choice. If Corbett loses, as is likely, in November, then Rs may …