The Enemy Within: Harrisburg Republican Leadership Part 1

The Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans – The Selling Out of Republican John McGinnis HD 79

The Enemy Within – Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans Harrisburg Leadership  Republicans- The Selling Out of Republican  Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance) HD 79 Altoona, Mitt Romney, and  Tom Smith

Union Republicans Mike Turzai, Dave Reed, Chad Weaver.,Adam Maust and HRCC refuse to provide financial support to Right to Work Republican Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance)  vastly increasing the chances that a Democrat wins HD 79. By not supporting a Republican against a heavily union-supported Democrat in General Election 6 November, HRCC supports the Democratic ticket in HD 79 Altoona.

Undermining Right to Work 

Republican Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance)  is payback for challenging the 34-year entrenched incumbent insider Union Republican Transportation Chair Big Government Porker Rick Geist and winning.

The Union Rat well known to so many Pennsylvania’s productive business people has a friend in HRCC and in Republican State House Leadership, …