Big Business Immigration and Cheap Labor: Union’s E-Verify

National Homebuilders Association of America makes the case for more immigrant labor, in effect, Open Borders and Amnesty. It should not surprise anyone that Big Business, like the National Association of Homebuilders, is pushing for Amnesty, another word for “cheap labor”.  Securing the southern border is not a priority. (Oddly, though, the northern border is secure).

We have been through this before beginning with Reagan’s signing of Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform Act of 1986.  Bipartisan Promises were made by the government: those promises were not kept.

Pennsylvania’s Bipartisan  Union supported    

Unions oppose “cheap labor” and I have to think were it not for the Union opposition, we would be flooded with illegals.  

Pennsylvania passed an E-Verify law sponsored by BucksCo Democrat Galloway in 2012.  General Act 127 of 2012  The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House 29 June 2012  vote was near-unanimous with the 6 NAY votes coming from Democrats (2 LVE). The …

Democratic 1% of 1% – New York Times Hires CEO – $ 4,000,000

NYTimes 1% of 1% …Double Standards and Double Talking from Democratic Media.

NYTimes $4 million versus Bloomberg $10.5 million – new CEO’s Pay Package

“The New York Times Company is paying its new chief executive, Mark Thompson, an annual salary of $1 million and an immediate sign-on bonus valued at $3 million. Note that Mr. Thompson’s “…compensation is much the same as that of his predecessor, Janet Robinson, in terms of annual salary and bonus eligibility. Ms. Robinson left the company last December.”

Bloomberg calculates the pay package at $10.5 million !!!!!! 

Thompson, who served as the British Broadcasting Corp.’s director-general, stands to make as much as $4.5 million from his signing bonus, $2 million in annual incentives and $3 million in long-term incentives. ” READ MORE Bloomberg 17 August 2012

Mr. Thompson’s predecessor exited with some protests from rank and file employees: ” Times Co. (NYT)’s union workers had …