Democratic 1% of 1% – New York Times Hires CEO – $ 4,000,000

NYTimes 1% of 1% …Double Standards and Double Talking from Democratic Media.

NYTimes $4 million versus Bloomberg $10.5 million – new CEO’s Pay Package

“The New York Times Company is paying its new chief executive, Mark Thompson, an annual salary of $1 million and an immediate sign-on bonus valued at $3 million. Note that Mr. Thompson’s “…compensation is much the same as that of his predecessor, Janet Robinson, in terms of annual salary and bonus eligibility. Ms. Robinson left the company last December.”

Bloomberg calculates the pay package at $10.5 million !!!!!! 

Thompson, who served as the British Broadcasting Corp.’s director-general, stands to make as much as $4.5 million from his signing bonus, $2 million in annual incentives and $3 million in long-term incentives. ” READ MORE Bloomberg 17 August 2012

Mr. Thompson’s predecessor exited with some protests from rank and file employees: ” Times Co. (NYT)’s union workers had expressed discontent over the exit package offered to its previous CEO, Janet Robinson. She received $23 million, on top of her $1 million base salaries. The compensation included $4.5 million in consulting fees. Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has served as interim CEO since Robinson left in December. ”

Can a Socialist BBC executive make it in the Big City where advertisers can’t be forced to pay?

REUTERS lays out the challenge

The BBC’s commercial revenue was, for example, only $348.44 million according to its annual report for 2011/12 published in July, against $5.66 billion from licensing fees.

Indeed, sources say one of the biggest question marks surrounding Thompson is whether he will be able to apply his skills to cajole British lawmakers and taxpayers alike to pony up the money to enable Madison Avenue, a constituency with which he has limited experience, to buy advertising on behalf of its clients.