Bob Casey – Benghazi

 Senator Bob “Barack” Casey has not commented on Benghazi disaster

Even though ” I am honored to serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as Chairman of the Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs Subcommittee. Through this position, I am working to highlight issues facing this region, especially terrorism, non-proliferation and U.S. foreign assistance programs. ” Sen. Bob Casey’s Official Web Site…

Outsourcing Debt – Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money – 72.3% More Under Socialist Obama Administration

One of the important components of our federal debt is the act of “sharing”  debt owned by foreign countries. We like to view ourselves as the “pride of the world.” However, there’s not much pride in countries like China and Mexico owning our debt. Terence Jeffrey of CNS News reports that our foreign debt has hit a new record of $5.2923 trillion, a gain of 72.3% since Obama took office.  Forget about “outsourcing jobs,” Barack. Obama is outsourcing the futures of our children and grandchildren through our debt sharing of foreign countries.

Our foreign debt is now equal to more than one-third of the entire U.S. economy. China owns $1.164 trillion of our debt, while Japan is the second largest stakeholder at $1.119 trillion.…

The Consent of the Consumer

Capitalism depends on the consent by the consumer unless the administrative Statist/socialist bureaucrats intervene in the private economy.

The PUC is proving it is not the consumer’s friend by obstructing consumer choice.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission sides with entrenched incumbent business to deny consumer’s choice and an innovative company the opportunity to compete on a level playing field.…

Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Thursday passed a transportation funding package that will cost residents a cumulative $7.5 billion over the next five years, primarily in gasoline and diesel fuel tax increases and a wide variety of fee increases for motorists.

The package has been pushed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, now seeking reelection, who promised in his 2010 campaign he would not raise taxes or fees. The measure passed the House 113-85 and was identical to a measure the House defeated twice on Monday night.

The last tax increase of this magnitude was a $3 billion hike in business taxes engineered by the late Gov. Robert P. Casey, Sr., a Democrat, in 1991. That tax hike was in a single hit and remains today…

The Enemy Within: Harrisburg Republican Leadership Part 1

The Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans – The Selling Out of Republican John McGinnis HD 79

The Enemy Within – Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans Harrisburg Leadership  Republicans- The Selling Out of Republican  Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance) HD 79 Altoona, Mitt Romney, and  Tom Smith

Union Republicans Mike Turzai, Dave Reed, Chad Weaver.,Adam Maust and HRCC refuse to provide financial support to Right to Work Republican Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance)  vastly increasing the chances that a Democrat wins HD 79. By not supporting a Republican against a heavily union-supported Democrat in General Election 6 November, HRCC supports the Democratic ticket in HD 79 Altoona.

Undermining Right to Work 

Republican Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance)  is payback for challenging the 34-year entrenched incumbent insider Union Republican Transportation Chair Big Government Porker Rick Geist and winning.

The Union Rat well known to so many Pennsylvania’s productive business people has a friend in HRCC and in Republican State House Leadership, …