7 March 2014 1 Comment

Republican Representative David M. Maloney, Sr.’s Vote for Welfare to the Wealthy

      Berks County Representative David M. Maloney, Sr’s Five (5) Votes for Welfare to the Wealthy. District 130 Map Republican, serving Berks County (Part)Member of the House 2011 to date THE RECORD IS THE RECORD. This is the record as reported by the General Assembly itself.   Republican Representative David M. Maloney voted YEA to give, that is, […]

31 May 2012 0 Comments

Liberty Index Part 10: Act 22 of 2011 – Public Welfare Reform

  Act 22     Jun 30 2011       HB 960 Public Welfare Code – omnibus amendments TIER 3 FOR LIBERTY – “yea” vote will add 50 points to Legislator’s or Governor’s grade and a “nay” vote will subtract 50 points from the grade. This Act makes cuts to welfare spending, cuts down on fraud and abuse, gives DPW […]

31 August 2011 0 Comments

Poor In America: Not What You Imagine

43,000,000 million Americans, one in seven, live in poverty. How poor are America’s poor? The typical poor family has at least two color TVs, a VCR, and a DVD player. One-third have a wide-screen, plasma, or LCD TV. And the typical poor family with children has a video-game system such as Xbox or PlayStation. Plugged-In […]