17 October 2012 0 Comments

School Choice and African-Americans – the New York Expeience – It Works

A Generation of School-Voucher Success African-American kids in New York were 24% more likely to attend college if they won a scholarship to attend private school. READ MORE WSJ Chingos and Peterson: A Generation of School-Voucher Success WSJ 23August 2012  “The Effects of School Vouchers on College Enrollment: Experimental Evidence from New York City,”

16 February 2012 0 Comments

Taxpayers Pay $26 Billion for Failing Education Monopoly: A Liberal Defense – A Common Sense Alternative

Our Schools Are In A World of Hurt, and It’s [The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Fault because taxpayers are taxed enough to pay for failing monopoly education system] .January 16, 2012  By Chris Satullo of government funded  NewWorks Productive Taxpayers, who work save and invest, pay $26 billion dollars annually to  finance the government (public) schools that are […]

16 November 2011 0 Comments

School Choice: Violence at Unionized Government Run South Philadelphia High – The Case for Vouchers

Every day we force mothers and fathers to send their kids to violent and educationally dysfunctional schools. The only viable solution is Vouchers to allow those that want to escape, those who want something better for their kids, to have an opportunity. We spend $26 billion on government schools, $2.8 billion in Philadelphia. Would not […]

8 August 2011 0 Comments

Why The Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Daylin Leach – Voucher Hypocrite

uberLiberal Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach opposes School Choice Vouchers to give poorest kids in failed schools an opportunity but promotes, at taxpayer expense, vouchers for Farmers Markets.  FYI Daylin Leach’s solution to failed schools is to fix the schools the kids are trapped in. This is a “solution” that has not worked in 3o […]

15 June 2011 0 Comments

Middle Class Parents Vouchers vs Billioniare Corporations and House Republicans

The House Republicans are considering giving $ 603,543,000, in this year alone to billionaire private corporations. This is $181, 113,000 more than Governor Corbett proposed. The entire cost of SB 1, Vouchers/EITC over four years, is: $ 734, 947, 772 Middle Class Parents Vouchers and Education Improvement Tax Credits A change in course directing money […]

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School Choice – PA Spends $26 BILLION DOLLARS at State and Local Level Each Year – School Choice Vouchers

1)      Pennsylvania Government financed by The Forgotten Taxpayer spends $26 BILLION DOLLARS  at State and Local level each year for Education; 2)       The cost of SB 1 Opportunity will be paid by redirecting money budgeted for education. In fact, Parental Choice saves The Forgotten Taxpayer money.  See chart below  the tiny sliver are cost of […]