19 July 2012 0 Comments

Voter ID and Voter Fraud in Philadelphia: A Preliminary Report by Al Schmidt, Commissioner

Inquirer Reports: City Commissioner Al Schmidt in which Schmidt  found hundreds of irregularities . READ MORE Wednesday 18 July 2012  and here is Al Schmidt’s Report on Voting Irregularities.  Note that Inquirer, for some reason, focuses on non-citizen voting rather than the hundreds of irregularities.  Philadelphia City Commissioner s Al Schmidt        Stephanie Singer disagrees. […]

6 February 2012 0 Comments

VOTER ID is Stalled in the Republican Majority Senate!!!!! Dominic Pileggi and Charles McIlhinney

VOTER ID is stalled in the Republican Majority Senate!!!!! Union Republicans Majority Leader Pileggi  and State Government Chair Charles McIlhinney are refusing to put this to a vote of the Senate and are using procedure manipulations to slow and weaken the Voter ID bill. Sen. Pileggi is the Majority Leader from ChesCo/DelCo and Sen. McIlhinney […]