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April 24th Primary Part 6- Overview of Five Republican Candidates

Here is an overview from Tracie Mauriello of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  April 8, 2012 For more depth, see the Voter Guide US Senate Republicans in The Liberty Blog I thought these were some salient points. Campaigns need “money, message and manpower.” Tea Party and ideologues, frequently, overlook the need to raise money and are, frequently, […]

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April 24th Primary Part 5 – US Senate Voter Guide — Republican Candidates

Voter Guide Republican Candidates US Senate April 24th 2012 Pittsburgh 9.12 Project has provided an exemplary Voter Guide to the Republican US Senate Candidates Primary 2012. As far as I know, it is the most comprehensive voter guide for Pennsylvania Republican US Senate Primary candidates. The Informed Voter is My Ally

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April 24th Part 4: Republican Primary Tea Party Roger Howard v. Harrisburg Insider Career Politician Dominic Pileggi

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi is a Union Financed Harrisburg Big Government Insider; Roger Howard is the candidate of principled grassroots. Tea Party v Republican Establishment David v Goliath                                                      […]

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April 24th Part 3: Democratic Primary for Attorney General

A very big deal for Kathleen Kane  The Democratic Primary is one of the two most important primaries in Pennsylvania on April 24th President Bill Clinton rallies support for unendorsed Kathleen Kane, independent of Pennsylvania Democratic Party leadership. Former President Bill Clinton will attend a rally Thursday at Upper Moreland High School in support of […]