28 August 2011 0 Comments

Energy Subsidies Part 3: Energy Information Agency Penna. Commonwealth Foundation and WSJ

Who Gets Federal Energy Subsidies? MAY 12, 2008 | by NATHAN BENEFIELD The Wall Street Journal has an article on who gets federal energy subsidies, based on a EIA report. The WSJ focuses most of the attention on electricity subsidies; as their headline notes the difference in subsidy per megawatthour – Wind ($23.37) v. Gas […]

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Energy Subsidies Part 1: How Much Does It Cost The Forgotten Taxpayer

Cheap gas. Energy independence. More power from wind and solar. Many Americans want these things, but do they want to pay for them with tax dollars? According to figures from the Energy Information Administration, oil and gas subsidies compute to about 25 cents per megawatt hour, while wind and solar is about $24. Here’s a […]

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Retail Gas Price Statistics: US Energy Information Agency

The US Energy Information Agency is a goldmine of information. Note Jan. 12 2009 was date President Obama was inaugurated. And here is the Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update from EIA through 7/18/2011