6 February 2012 0 Comments

VOTER ID is Stalled in the Republican Majority Senate!!!!! Dominic Pileggi and Charles McIlhinney

VOTER ID is stalled in the Republican Majority Senate!!!!! Union Republicans Majority Leader Pileggi  and State Government Chair Charles McIlhinney are refusing to put this to a vote of the Senate and are using procedure manipulations to slow and weaken the Voter ID bill. Sen. Pileggi is the Majority Leader from ChesCo/DelCo and Sen. McIlhinney […]

14 January 2012 0 Comments

Union Republicans Defeat School Choice: PSEA Wins, Again

I think it is necessary to expose the “Union Republicans” who will destroy a child’s chance for an education in order to preserve a failed and dysfunctional unionized government monopoly bureaucracy. Jan Murphy of Harrisburg Post-Gazette 14 December reports: House Rejects School Choice Proposal  “On Wednesday night, the House, following a lengthy debate, voted 105-90 […]