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Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money Part 7 – The Public Sector Unions Fund Democrats (and Republican Leadership)

Some may note that “leadership” in the Republican Senate and House are selling out The Forgotten Taxpayer.  Although the Democrats received most of the Union Money, much can be explained about the failure of the Republican Controlled General Assembly and the Republican Governor to pass real pension reform, real school choice, that is, a vast […]

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The Enemy Within – Union Republicans Selling Out The Forgotten Taxpayer- Republican Leadership Funded by Unions – Rep. Gene DiGirolamo BucksCo

     Some may note that both Republican Senate and House “Leadership” are selling out The Forgotten Taxpayer. $1.4 million in contributions from the eight PACs $1.1 million went to candidates or PACs affiliated with the Democratic Party   $300,000 went to Republicans READ MORE Government Union Money: 2012 Election Edition  Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania […]

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he Enemy Within – Union Republicans Selling Out The Forgotten Taxpayer – Rep. Tom Murt MontCo

Rep. Murt is financed by public sector unions in the amount of $13,500 in 2012 alone. Rep. Murt has failed in his inability to address the SERS and PSERS public sector pension problem because the public sector unions don’t want reform. Rep. Murt is the “enemy within”, Union Republicans selling out The Forgotten Taxpayer. Rep. […]

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The Enemy Within Republicans Part 3: Republicans Selling Out to Big Unions

     The Enemy Within Republicans   Part 3 – Republicans Selling Out to Union Organizers    Republican Leadership in State House  and State is terrified of Union Organizers. Republican Leadership is supported and, more importantly not opposed in elections, by Union Organizers both with money and with the all important and highly organized and effective […]

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The Enemy Within: Republicans Selling Out Republicans – Part 4 – HRCC Abandons HD 79 to Democrats – Republican Majority Leader Stan Saylor Challenged by CAP – HD 79

  Opponent of Right to Work and supporter of Prevailing Wage Law, Republican Majority Whip Stan Saylor was financed and supported by Union Organizers and their vast resources of volunteers to get out the vote for Republicans like Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter. As part of Mike Turzai’s House Republican Leadership, Stan Saylor enables HRCC […]

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The Enemy Within: Republicans Selling Out Republicans Part 3- HRCC’s $25,000 Smear of Republican Primary Voters’ Choice John McGinnis PhD Finance HD 79

Republican Majority Leader Turzai’s Union Financed House Republican Campaign Committee, Chairman and PSEA Financed Dave Reed, Spent $25,000 to Smear  Right to Work and The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend John McGinnis (PhD Finance) to protect 34 year incumbent Big Spending Porker Rick Geist. The Republican Primary Voters in HD79 chose John McGinnis in April 24, 2012 […]

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The Enemy Within: Republicans Selling Out Republicans Part 2- Rep. Bill Adolph -Republican House Appropriations Chair – Good Jobs Pa PAC – PSEA-PACE PAC – HD 79

Do you wonder why Right to Work doesn’t pass? Why Pension Reform doesn’t get done? Why School Tax Referendum bill is watered into uselessness? Why real deal School Choice doesn’t happen? Why real tax reform never happens? There is an answer: Union Republicans manipulated by Union Financiers and Union Organizers manipulating the agenda to undermine […]

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The Enemy Within: Harrisburg Republican Leadership Part 1- The Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans – The Selling Out of Republican John McGinnis HD 79

The Enemy Within – Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans Harrisburg Leadership  Republicans- The Selling Out of Republican  Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance) HD 79 Altoona, Mitt Romney and  Tom Smith Union Republicans Mike Turzai, Dave Reed, Chad Weaver.,Adam Maust and HRCC refuse to provide financial support to Right to Work Republican Dr. Dr. John McGinnis (PhD […]

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The Rhetoric and The Record: Republican Appropriations Chair Bill Adolph – Reality Matters

    Republican House Leadership Rep. Bill Adolph, Appropriations Committee Chair Bill Adolph is NOT The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF The Rhetoric Rep. Adolph’s Official Web Site Member of the House since 1989 Rep. Bill Adolph is Chair of the Republican House Appropriations Committee and Rep. Adolph voted for everyone of Governor Rendell’s Bankrupting Budgets: Republican […]

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Gang of Six Republicans help undermine weak but a first step  prevailing wage reforms. H.B. 1329 (“Threshold”) and H.B. 1685 (“Jobs Classification”) A gang of six anti Right to Work and pro-Compulsory Unionism  Republicans led an 11th-hour campaign to block legislation that modernized Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage laws – thus denying schools and local governments the […]