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Unions and Bain Capital – Public Sector Unions Invest With Bain – PSERS and SERS

Both Pennsylvania’s two major  public sector union pension funds in vest with Bain as well as UPITT: State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio ($767.3 million). Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement System ($231.5 million) “These pension funds aggregate the savings of millions of unionized teachers, social workers, public-health personnel and first responders. Many of them would be […]

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Citizens Alliance Exposes “The Enemy Within” – Union Republicans Selling Out The Forgotten Taxpayer

Pennsylvania’s Democrats cannot be trusted with money and the Republicans are selling out their base and here’s why and how: “To help taxpayers track government (or public sector) union influence in Pennsylvania, CAP has created a new website (paunionmoney.com) that will allow people to easily access information about the financial contributions of public sectors union […]

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Barack Obama and the Unions

    In his book “The Audacity of Hope,” then-candidate Barack Obama, when talking about his relationship with Big Labor union officials, wrote: “I owe those unions. When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don’t consider this corrupting in any way.”  READ MORE 31 August 2012 Barack […]

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Caterpiller and the Unions – Common Sense Prevails

WSJ Journal …Friday’s vote is a sign of an increasing recognition within organized labor, that American companies must remain competitive in a global economy. For Caterpillar, that means paying market rates for labor.  They must not pay the above-market rates that had become routine in union contracts with American manufacturers. Those contracts helped wreck the […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 5: Union Power In Politics

Inquirer reports on Union Power and the power of Union Organizers to influence the outcomes of elections. “It’s been proven that our people vote and it’s proven that we can make up 25 to 30 percent of the vote in certain districts,” Williams said. “There are a lot of politicians that want that vote.” In […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 4: Union Power Meets Media Power – Arrest Made

Media Matters the Democratically Owned Inquirer with its Democratic, Unionized Workforce reports, for the first time I can remember, on union racism (one line in Inga Saffron column) and union thuggery. The Inquirer, Daily News, WHYY Newsworks and The Obama Media “barks”.  Unlike Sherlock Holmes and Silver Blaze, the odd thing in this case is […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 3: Philadelphia Unions Racist, Segregated and Very Expensive

Inga Saffron Inquirer Architecture Critic writes about Unions and the Pestronk Brothers. Not surprisingly the Democratically Owned Inquirer with Democratic Unionized Reporters reports little on the unions and even this story is being covered with depth and context by the architecture critic. With some courage, Inga Saffron reports her observation: “The demographics of the protesters […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 2: Unions v Technology: Technology Brings Productivity and Progress

 Fascinating. Building houses by scaling up 3-D printing. A 2500 square foot house can be built in 20 houses. This computerizes the labor construction making homes more affordable and bringing people from poverty to the middle class. Let us see how the Unions and the Leftists respond. They will want a piece of the action, […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 1: Unions Oppose More Housing in Phildelphia – The Forgotten Consumer – It’s All About Union Power and Profit

New cranes and new construction seem positive for Philadelphia. The Unions would seem to be prospering, too. Will massive union money and power crush the Pestronk Brothers, who are very young and resourceful. The government seems to have picked its favorite in the contest. READ MORE Inga Saffron10 August 2012    Union Members blocking truck. […]

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The Unionized Nursing Home: “Danger, Will Robinson”- What Do Unions Strike For? And What Are Their Tactics?

The Danger of a Unionized Nursing Home…Unions Only Strike for More Money  Vandalizing as a bargaining tactic is not unknown.  READ MORE Washington Examiner 19 July 2012