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6 November 2012: Tom Smith and Pat Toomey – Economic Freedom – US Energy – Keystone XL

 Keystone XL pipeline. Voting 56-42, the Senate on Thursday 8 March 2012  failed to reach 60 votes for stipulating that Congress, under the commerce clause of the Constitution, has authority to approve the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas. The amendment to a pending transportation bill (S 1813) would shift […]

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Farm Subsidies – Republican Welfare – Pennsylvania’s Red Counties

Tom  Smith, a farmer  who lives on the 400 acre farm he grew up on,  never took a farm subsidy and even declined a Small Business Loan when he was buying his first coal company.  Tom Smith interviewed by Bob Guzzardi and Adam Taxin WWDB AM 869 April 10, 2012 (15 minute segment)      […]

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Tom Smith for Senate Tom Smith – Independent of Party Leadership and Most Able to Finance a Statewide Senate Campaign Against Casey

Unpretentious, and down to earth Tom Smith has had a consistent set of beleifs ; Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom , and Independent Party Leadership.   He has also been able to Finance a US Senate Campaign, and has a compelling life story filled with financial success and fiscal common sense. From union Coal Miner, […]

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April 24th – Part 9 Tom Smith, Consistent Conservative, Leads in Polls

Tom Smith leads in polls with considerable undecideds. Tom Smith has the financial resources to reach many of those “indecideds” The salient point: The full tally showed a healthy 39 percent of Republicans undecided less than two weeks from election day: Tom Smith – 29% Sam Rohrer – 14% Steve Welch – 9% David Christian […]

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April 24th Part 1: Tom Smith for US Senate

Primary Day is April 24th, less than two weeks away. With Rick Santorum dropping out making Mitt Romney almost certainly the Republican Nominee, there still remain significant votes.                          US SENATE Tom Smith is ” the Guy ”  “Pat Toomey from Armstrong County”- to challenge Sen. Bob Casey in November – Tom Smith, […]

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Tom Smith Independent of Leadership: Steve Welch Entwined With the Establishment

Today’s PaPolitics has the story that: Corbett Pulls the Trigger for Welch But GOP’s SEPA Caucus Declines Vote By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor 19 Jan. 2012 It also did not go unnoticed that each of the Governor’s three picks so far (Freed, John Maher for Auditor General, and Diana Irey for Treasurer) are clients of […]

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US Senate Tom Smith v. Bob Casey Part 2 – Energy Jobs Keystone XL

Tom Smith will focus on jobs and, in particular, jobs from the energy sector. Tom Smith is INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP, like Pat Toomey, and this independence is what can change the course of the country. Keystone XL is a job creator that Democrat Barack Obama and Environmental Fundamentalists  oppose Commentary Contentions 18 January 2012 . […]

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US Senate Pennsylvania: Tom Smith v. Bob Casey Part 1 – SOPA/PIPA

SOPA/PIPA are Big Hollywood initiative opposed by those, Left and Right, who value Internet Liberty and Free Speech. Sen. Casey is on the wrong side of this. Left Wing Keystone Politics cites Left Wing Philadelphia Philadelphia Weekly in opposition and Right Wing RedState’s Neil Stevens Tech at Night here and here makes the Limited Government […]

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I support  TOM SMITH FOR SENATE  because he is INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP, independent of the party and its affiliated lobbyists. TOM SMITH has committed his own financial resources to running a primary. Because it is mostly his money, Tom Smith is now, and will remain after elected,  INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP. This is a big deal. […]

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Tom Smith US Senate: Down to Earth and Under the Earth, Not Afraid to Get His Hands, and Face, Dirty

Tom Smith for US  Senate  Union Coal Miner to Multimillionaire Coal Mine Owner  An American Story