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Tom Smith’s Plan for Pennsyvania’s Prosperity

Tom Smith’s Plan for Pennsylvania’s Prosperity and what is Sen. Bob “Barack” Casey’s plan; four more years of more spending, more debt and more deficits with taxpayer money politically directed to favored businesses like the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Introduction 1. Simplify the Tax Code – Institute a Flat Tax and Close Special Interest Loopholes 2. […]

27 October 2012 0 Comments

The Obama Administration and the Coal Miner Vote – Marxism Doesn’t Create Jobs

KEEP AMERICA WORKING! Vote Romney Ryan and Tom Smith Coal Miner WV [ and southwest Pennsylvania] is in support of Romney/Ryan the proposed closing of yet more coal mines in WV, PA and VA has left a sour taste in the mouth of these states and they do not support Obama. Obama is trying to […]

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Casey Strikes Out with Millions of Government/Taxpayer Dollars to Philadelphia Housing Authority – Federal Auditors, Not Surprisingly, Find Waste, Fraud and Abuse – millions spent on ‘shoddy and unsafe’ low-income housing

Senator Bob Casey has earmarked millions of The Forgotten Taxpayer’s dollars for the Philadelphia Housing Authority which as is well-known for as Federal auditors have now documented, inefficiencies and corruption. It is difficult to understand how Sen. Casey can continue to fund this government authority without requiring that it spend The Forgotten Taxpayer’s money for purposes […]

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Coal Mines Closing Down Part 2 – United Mine Workers of America Not to

In 2008 Candidate Barack Obama promised to close down coal mines (which will put both owners and employees out of business) and he and his Administration has kept that promise. This is causing people to lose real and productive jobs furthering the negative state of our economy. Profits pay people: creating the simple sad equation […]

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Bob Casey Inherited a Political Name – Tom Smith Self-Made Millionaire – Tax Taker v Tax Maker FreedomWorks for Tom Smith

    Click here to watch this video Pennsylvania deserves better than Bob Casey. Since day one, he has served as a rubber stamp for a radical, far-left agenda. Casey has been a loyal foot-soldier in the Obama administration’s War on Coal. Instead of standing up for the people of Pennsylvania, Casey has taken the side of […]

4 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania US Senate Dynamics – Real Deal Coal Miner v. Career Politician Bob Casey

Tom Smith was a card carrying UMWA member when he operated surface mining equipment. Then, Farm Boy Tom Smith, “bet the farm” and bought a coal mine and then he sold it for multi-millions. Bob Casey? He never met a payroll or produced anything anyone would voluntarily pay for or has he hired a productive, tax […]

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Tom Smith, Coal Miner v. Sen. Bob Casey, Career Politician

Coal is a major employer in Pennsylvania’s southwest. Tom Smith was a card carrying UMWA member when he worked as a heavy equipment operator on surface coal mines. Tom then went into the coal mining business and is an expert on coal mining economics and coal mining safety. Tom has gotten his hands dirty with […]

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Tom Smith’s Ad and Bob Casey’s Own Words –Casey/Obama’s Stimulus Finances Foreign Jobs!

Please vote for Tom Smith ad at PoliticsPa. http://www.politicspa.com/reader-poll-which-ads-are-most-compelling-this-cycle/39779/ Tom Smith’s  ad effectively neutralizes the phony ad that claims that Tom Smith wants to outsource jobs. In fact, Bob Casey’s own words were the basis for Tom Smith’s ad. The Smith campaign neatly turned a phony, negative ad against  Tom Smith to a negative ad […]

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Tom Smith, Farm Boy Turned Multi-Millionaire Tax Maker v. Sen. Bob Casey: He Creates Jobs in China Financed by Pennsylvania Tax Makers

Tom Smith, farm boy and self-made millionaire, from union coal miner to multi millionaire coal mine owner. Tom Smith had a union card and got his hands dirty. Tom Smith produced …energy, jobs, and taxes. Bob Casey– Tax Taker Bob Casey has never had a private sector job or been a net Tax Maker.   […]

30 May 2012 0 Comments

JULIA the Quintessential CASEY/OBAMA Voter

Julia, the CASEY/OBAMA 2012  Campaign’s Composite Voter, is a tax taker, not a tax maker. That’s for other people. The Tom Smith Voter is the tax maker,  the taxpayer who works, saves and invests. “Julia” is Obama 2012 campaign’s composite government dependent who lives on the kindness of others and the voters to whom the […]