3 October 2012 0 Comments

Thomas Sowell – Cafe Hayek – Lifeless Statistics and the Real World Flesh and Blood People

” If players A, B and C all have batting averages in the .320s this year and, put together, they hit 100 home runs, while players X, Y and Z all have batting averages in the .320s next year, and together they hit 120 home runs, we could say that .320s hitters were increasing the […]

12 September 2012 0 Comments

Milton Friedman: Private Greed Government Greed – Phil Donahue Confronted

Free Market and Free Enterprise raised more people from poverty to middle class. Is Political self-interest nobler somehow that economic self-interest. Milton Freedman  Phil Donahue Video 2:23 minutes  1979

11 September 2012 0 Comments

Thomas Sowell: Private Greed Government Greed

   Thomas Sowell’s analysis is excellent and his presentation is the best in the country. Thomas Sowell says it succinctly and compellingly.

15 June 2012 0 Comments

“Intellectuals Condescending”: Federal Minimum Wage and Black Unemployment – Culture Community and Economic Success

After three and a half years of the Obama Administration, after 14 years of a Black Mayor in Philadelphia, are Blacks better off? Black unemployment is the highest ever, high school graduation rates are 60% in a good year, unwed mothers and illegitimate children are more than 50 %( marriage is single most reliable indicator […]

14 May 2012 0 Comments

Issues 2012 Part 6: Obama Media Targeting George Zimmerman – Inciting Hate and Racial Divisiveness – Dominating the Zeitgeist with Left Wing Groupthink

Targeted by Obama  Media Because Of His Race  Can anyone say it with more brilliant crystal clarity than Thomas Sowell?  “An amazing proportion of the media has given us a painful demonstration of the thinking — and lack of thinking — that prevailed back in the days of the old Jim Crow South, where complexion […]