11 August 2011 0 Comments

The Notebook: News About Philadelphia Government Schools

The Notebook is an excellent source of information about Philadelphia government school system. The contributors seem to me to be committed to improving Philadelphia schools and have a bias for the government system of education. The Notebook is financed by WHYY. Other than its support of the government system, the postings seem objectively analytical. Criticisms […]

28 July 2011 0 Comments

WHYY’s NewsWorks: Tax Exempt Multi Million Dollar Liberal Lightweight

Tax Exempt WHYY’s NewsWorks presents very little hard news and, for the most part, promotes predictable, unoriginal Liberal Democratic and anti-Republican viewpoint and smart alecky opinion and talking points. NewsWorks is the rapidly more vapid Inquirer without the news. WHYY is a tax exempt private multi-million dollar corporation whose president Bill Marrazzo  paid $448, 161 […]