2 October 2012 0 Comments

Tax Reform – WSJ Stephen Moore and a Critique – Rep. Dave Camp, Republican House Ways and Means Chairman

A WSJ Letter to the Editor succinctly challenges WSJ Free Markets For Free People. ¬†Stephen Moore has a different view and argues for the residential mortgage deduction status quo. “Stephen Moore continues to forget that every candidate espousing the flat tax mantra of Steve Forbes has been soundly defeated. ¬†(“The Weekend Interview with Dave Camp: […]

23 August 2011 0 Comments

Big Business General Electric: Taxpayer Subsidized Profits

As the US taxpayer is struggling, as more and more Americans don’t have jobs, as a selective, sequential shutdown of taxpayer financed government¬† programs appears necessary and inevitable, Mega International Corporation Taxpayer Subsidized General Electric reported a 21.6 percent rise in profit, topping estimates, boosted by strong demand outside the United States for its heavy […]