21 June 2012 0 Comments

A Short History of Recent Tax Cuts: Remembering the 1997 Clinton Tax Cuts

ClintonTax Cuts: In 1997 President Bill Clinton signed a tax cut bill that, among other things, created a new $500 child tax credit, raised the income limit for deductible IRAs, nearly doubled the estate tax exemption, and slashed the capital gains tax rate by a whopping 28%.  The reduction in the capital gains tax was […]

28 March 2012 0 Comments

Warren Buffet Avoids “Buffet Rule”; Jeremy Lin Pays: The Insider Rig the Game

  TaxProfblog brings my attention to: Who Pays “Buffet Tax”? Not Warren Buffet but Jeremy Lin. Loser Winner   The Fix Is In.   “President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget proposes the “Buffett rule” — those making over $1 million should pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes. Legislation introduced in both […]

12 February 2012 0 Comments

NYTimes Presents Ideas of Harvard Economics Professor, N. Gregory Mankiw, Advisor to Mitt Romney

Is there a better way to tax? NYTimes introduces its readers to N. Gregory Mankiw, a professor of economics at Harvard, and advisor to  Mitt Romney: A Better Tax System (Assembly Instructions Included N.Gregory Mankiw 21 Jan. 2012 The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) presents another perspective to raise revenue without inhibiting a productive job creating […]