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April 24th Part 11 – Steve Welch Opportunistic Corporate Welfare – DCED Loan Application Raises Questions

??Questions Arise: Steve Welch sought government taxpayer subsidy for his company as any opportunist seeking taxpayer financed, corporate welfare subsidy   would do. This is not something that someone who is, instinctively, a committed free market, limited government, economic advocate would do.       Entrepreneur, yes. But there is some reason to think he […]

13 February 2012 0 Comments

Tom Smith Independent of Leadership: Steve Welch Entwined With the Establishment

Today’s PaPolitics has the story that: Corbett Pulls the Trigger for Welch But GOP’s SEPA Caucus Declines Vote By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor 19 Jan. 2012 It also did not go unnoticed that each of the Governor’s three picks so far (Freed, John Maher for Auditor General, and Diana Irey for Treasurer) are clients of […]

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I support  TOM SMITH FOR SENATE  because he is INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP, independent of the party and its affiliated lobbyists. TOM SMITH has committed his own financial resources to running a primary. Because it is mostly his money, Tom Smith is now, and will remain after elected,  INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP. This is a big deal. […]

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Steve Welch Not the Guy Part 3: Santorum BrabenderCox Bickart Establishment’s Guys

Steve Welch   Bickart/BrabenderCox/RickSantorum Does Pennsylvania need another SpecterRepublican?  The Establishment’s Choice Steve Welch Unacceptable Unelectable: the Establishment’s Choice:                a Top Down Candidate who hires uberinsider Rob Bickart affiliated with Republican National Committee and Rick Santorum and other assorted professional phonies. Rob Bickart was Rick Santorum’s  fundraiser for the 2006 union financed failed campaign and that […]

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Steve Welch Not The Guy Part 2: SpecterRepublican Establishment’s Candidate

Steve Welch does not connect and thinks Establishment support is more important than voter support. We will remember that for years and years, the Establishment supported Arlen Specter, an UltraLiberal Democrat masquerading as a Republican. The Republican Establishment Misled Us Once; Will They Fool Us Again? 2012 Senatorial Candidate Mark Scaringi makes some telling points […]

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Steve Welch Not The Guy Part 1 – The Establishment’s Guy SpecterRepublican

Steve Welch is a businessman, not a Constitutional Limited Government advocate, supported by the Business as Usual Establishment Insiders getting rich from government. Not the The Guy to challenge Bob Casey. Steve Welch self-funding Establishment Insider Suck Up  is considering a Senate race 2012. Where has he been for the last two years?  RedState journalled […]