19 January 2014 0 Comments

Republican Representative John McGinnis Bad Debt Vote – The Forgotten Taxpayer Is Not Happy

   John McGinnis    District 79  Republican, serving Blair County (Part)       Act 69 of 2013 John McGinnis   voted YEA  to increase debt ; every Democrat voted YEA to increase debt.  A “YEA” was a vote against Liberty, against Economic Freedom and against The Forgotten Taxpayer The House Vote on Capital Budget Act 69 […]

13 June 2012 0 Comments

The Rhetoric and The Record: Sam Smith Speaker of the Republican House – Bankrupting Pennsylvania

  Republican House Leadership Sam Speaker of the House First Among Equals         Member of the House since 1987 Sam Smith  is Speaker of the Republican House and before that Majority Leader under then Speaker John Perzel. Speaker Sam Smith was preceded in office by his dad so that the Smith Dynasty […]