2 October 2012 0 Comments

Tax Reform – WSJ Stephen Moore and a Critique – Rep. Dave Camp, Republican House Ways and Means Chairman

A WSJ Letter to the Editor succinctly challenges WSJ Free Markets For Free People.  Stephen Moore has a different view and argues for the residential mortgage deduction status quo. “Stephen Moore continues to forget that every candidate espousing the flat tax mantra of Steve Forbes has been soundly defeated.  (“The Weekend Interview with Dave Camp: […]

29 May 2012 0 Comments

Sunoco and Corporate Welfare: Rebating Taxes – Taking From One Citizen To Give To Another

Millions to Billionaires   “In 2004, the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania pledged $53.5 million in special loans and grants to retain and grow six large companies in Philadelphia….The public subsidies Sunoco received helped fund the company’s then-new headquarters in 221,000 square feet at Mellon Bank Center in Philadelphia. It had jumped […]