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Government Subsidizing Failure: Another Solyndra

Washington Times makes the point succinctly: Subsidizing failure means more failures. And who benefits from the failures? Incumbents protecting their power and Big Business Corporatists. READ MORE Washington Times 24/7  and here Washington Times Lights Out at Amonix 18 July 2012       

25 July 2012 0 Comments

Another Solyndra Republican: Bill Frist and Health Insurance Exchanges – Bipartisan is a Bad Word

Another sell out Republican from the Solyndra Wing of the Republican Party. Former “Republican” US Senator promotes President Obama’s PPACA Health Exchanges, a big win for hospital chains. READ MORE The Hill 19 July 2012 Bill Frist and Health Insurance Exchanges

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Big Government, Corporatist Republicans: The Solyndra Republicans

  As with the Farm Bill, which is the Republicans opportunity to earmark pork for their favored few, the Export Import Bank, The Highway, Student Loan and Flood Insurance bill and so many others, the Republicans are proponent of anti-Free Market, Big Government Corporatist policies which distort the allocation of resources as well pollute politics, […]

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Solyndra and Conventional Media: The Rest of the Story In Depth

After just a short time in Congress, I find myself more keenly aware of the research and reporting failures of the modern mainstream media.  If a story gets more depth and attention than the typical 10 second sound bite, I admit, I’m surprised.  Solyndra is no different.  READ MORE Rep. Rep. H. Morgan Griffith, Virginia […]

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Democratic 1% of 1% Part 1: Lower Merion’s Solyndra – Dranoff’s Ardmore Transit Center

The 1% of Lower Merion      Dranoff’s  Dream                       Real World Taxpayer Nightmare. Millions for Millionaire Private Developer Politically Connected to the Democrats Carl Dranoff. $5.8 million spent by Lower Merion Democrats and Bureaucratic Allies on professional consultants and how much better all our lives are. The Township has spent $5.8 […]

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Solyndra: 11 More Solyndras – Government Compels Taxpayers to Finance Failure – The Constitution Does Not Enumberate Business Investment

BOMBSHELL CBS REPORT: 11 More Solyndras In Obama Energy Program, 5 Going Bankrupt  15 Jan 2012 and READ MORE Washington Times 24/7 13 Jan. 2012  and CBS News Sharyl Attkisson 14 January 2012 Five have filed for bankruptcy. The junk bond rated Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, Spectra Watt, AES (a subsidiary of ‘Eastern Energy) and of course […]

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Lower Merion Ardmore Transit: Solyndra – Millions of Public Taxpayer Money to Private For Profit Developer – All Sizzle, No Steak

Solyndra — Millions and millions of dollars to politically connected for profit private developer for a project that, plain to be seen, is not profitable. Ardmore Dream and only a dream…   There were those who profited from taxpayer money; those connected to the elected, and Carl Dranoff is very connected to the Democratic Establishment […]

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Rep. Darrell Issa: Government Oversight and Reform Committee – $4.7 Billion Green Guarantees Investigated

The Obama Administration’s “Green Guarantees” – $4.7 billion! – are an obvious and public example of Crony Capitalism, Corporatism, and the corruption that ensues when political actors drive the allocation of scarce resources. All action is human action and the free market allocates scarce resources more effectively than government’s coercive, centralized command and control by […]

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Crony Capitalism: The Network – Steven Spinner – Jonathan Silver

Crony Capitalist Network – fund-raisers, lawyers, politically connected Steven Spinner bio – The Social Enterprise Conference Harvard Feb 2010 “Steve Spinner is the Loan Programs Advisor in the Office of the Secretary in the U.S. Department of Energy focused on implementation of the Amer ican Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” The adviser, Steve Spinner, was a […]

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NREL – Solyndra – Two Peas in a Pod: Expert Elite’s Economic Plans Go Awry; Taxpayer Pays

These projects were sold to the Taxpayer as ‘job creators”. The expert elite’s economic planning failed…again. See Solyndra half billion default that Forgotten Taxpayer guaranteed. “According to the Denver Post, the [National Renewable Energy Lab] plans to eliminate between 100 and 150 of its 1,350 jobs. The Obama administration supported the NREL in 2009 with […]