27 September 2012 0 Comments

The Socialist Obama Administration’s Vision For Us – The Life of Julia

As Stanley Kurtz documents in “Radical-In-Chief”, Barack Obama and his Chicago Cohort are dedicated to imposing “Socialism by stealth” on America. Thomas Sowell describes Obama’s policies as “fascist”, in the Corporatist sense (12 June 2012).   Phyllis Schlafly: The Obama administration is promoting a very different vision of American life. Americans used to take pride […]

12 June 2012 0 Comments

Mussolini’s Fascism: Compare to Obama’s American Progressive Version of Statism

PublicEye.org aggregates some quotes from Mussolini about the State’s all encompassing role in economics and society. This is sometimes called “STATISM” and is directly related to communism, socialism, fascism which are allĀ  atheistic, secularist humanist and scientific, empirical deterministic versions of the same political and economic philosophy. In Fascism, it is the State which is […]

29 October 2011 0 Comments

8 November: Josh Shapiro Lies! Jenny Brown Tea Party? Josh Shapiro Socialist?

Josh Shapiro lies! Jenny Brown Tea Party? Josh Shapiro Socialist? Frankly, I am shocked at Josh’s lie. Even though I disagree with Josh on issues, I had thought his word was good. This is very upsetting. dr. bob and I are Tea Party and are active with Kitchen Table Patriots in Bucks County. While we, […]