19 October 2012 0 Comments

Social Security A Tax – Justice Harlan Stone, FDR – and The Forgotten Taxpayer

Cafe Hayek’s Don Boudreaux draws our attention to recurring  themes in American history. page 229 of Amity Shlaes’s 2007 book, The Forgotten Man: “At tea at his house the year before, [FDR’s Secretary of Labor Frances] Perkins has sat beside Justice Harlan Stone, and he gave her a tip. She had confided her fears that any […]

27 September 2012 0 Comments

The Socialist Obama Administration’s Vision For Us – The Life of Julia

As Stanley Kurtz documents in “Radical-In-Chief”, Barack Obama and his Chicago Cohort are dedicated to imposing “Socialism by stealth” on America. Thomas Sowell describes Obama’s policies as “fascist”, in the Corporatist sense (12 June 2012).   Phyllis Schlafly: The Obama administration is promoting a very different vision of American life. Americans used to take pride […]

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Democratically Controlled Media Misleads: Paul Ryan and the Phony $6,400 Myth

The Democrats, who can never be trusted with your money, have been pounding Paul Ryan’s viable plan to reform Medicare as adding $6,400 to senior’s medical expenses. Not true as WSJ 19 August explains. “In other words, the $6,400 has no relevance for any senior today. None. But it also is unlikely to have any […]

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Medicare Part 2: Obama Administration’s Medicare Cut – An Achievement

Amazing Obama 2012 deputy campaign manager brags how much BHO has cut Medicare. I thought it was Paul Ryan and the extremist conservatives who wanted to cut Medicare? It is clear that Medicare is headed to fiscal disaster and something has to be done. Paul Ryan has one plan to save Medicare that seems viable. […]

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Medicare Part 1: Rachel Maddow Rich Lowry

Not only DWS but even Rachel Maddow can’t defend President Obama’s $716  Billion dollar cut to Medicare. Obviously, as you can see, Rachel Maddow is trying to attack VP Ryan on the cuts while refusing to defend President’s cuts. A Demonizing and Divisive Democratic Double Standard for all to witness.  READ MORE 12 August NewsBusters

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Paul Ryan: Not Limited Government Radical versus Good Government Efficiency

Tim Carney dispenses with the idea that Paul Ryan is a Radical Limited Government Tea Party Activist: “In the Bush era, Republicans spoke of free markets and limited government, but they regularly expanded the government when Big Business asked them to. And Paul Ryan consistently took the Big Business-Big Government side.” Ryan’s corporatist past gives […]

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Paul Ryan: Obama 2012 Mediscare Mantra Refuted – PPACA Destroys Medicare As We Know It

Paul Ryan: ‘It’s irrefutable’ that President Obama is damaging Medicare    Obama 2012 Mediscare Mantra      The  Hill 14 August 2012: “Paul Ryan doubled down on Romney campaign attacks on President Obama’s handling of Medicare, saying Tuesday it was “irrefutable” that the president was “damaging Medicare for current seniors” in his first solo interview […]

11 May 2012 0 Comments

Issues 2012 Part 3: Social Security – Gone in 21 Years – No More Money for Those Under 45

If you are under 45 years old, Social  The Social Security Administration made an alarming announcement recently that it will exhaust its funding capability by 2033 – this is the bureaucratic way of saying “no more money for those under 45″.  ZeroHedge 26 April 2012  Social Security Has a Real Problem

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Government Accounting: Social Security Medicare: The Trillions the Government Doesn’t account for

The current cost of these programs is calculated each year by the Government Accountability Office, and described in great detail in appendices. But Treasury’s “Citizen’s Guide” to the GAO financials does not accrue for Social Security or Medicare promises, even though it does accrue for the cost of retirement promises to federal employees and veterans. […]

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Rick Perry: A Voice for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Reform

Rick Perry has left the Presidential field and the electorate has lost a reliable and consistent voice for “Entitlement” Reform. READ MORE for specific ideas (Emily Miller Washington Times 19 Jan. 2012) and read Rick Perry’s book FED UP for other ideas for Limited Government.                                  American Finances Are Sinking