20 January 2014 0 Comments

The Entire Pennsylvania Senate Republican Majority Leadership Voted YEA for Tom Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion Tax Increase – Republican Leadership Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

  Every member of  the Senate Republican Majority  Leadership *   voted For Tom  Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase to fix Pennsylvania’s   “crumbling roads and  bridges falling down”.   Senate Vote Act 89  0f 2013 (HB1060) 20 November 2013 43 YEA 7 NAY  6 Democrats 1 Republican (Senator Kim Ward was the only Republican […]

30 December 2011 0 Comments

Sen. Rafferty for AG: CasablancaPa Points to Some Vulnerabilities

Democratic CasablancaPa stays close to the facts and presents its case logically and with careful attention to detailed analysis. I find it hard to disagree with their conclusions. Sen.Rafferty has a vulnerability. Shocked. Shocked. That Republicans Misuse Taxpayer Money, too. It should be remembered that the House Republicans owe us $20 million. Sen. Rafferty is […]