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Republican Senator Dave Argall Voted For Tom Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase – He Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

  Senator Dave Argall   voted For Tom  Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase to fix Pennsylvania’s obvious crumbling roads and falling bridges.     Senate District 29 Republican (Term Expires: 2016) serving Berks (part), Carbon (part), Lehigh (part), Monroe (part), Northampton (part) and Schuylkill Counties. Senator Argall was a Member House of Representatives 1985 to March [...]

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Republican Senator Dave Argall’s Three Bad Debt Votes To Increase Debt by $6.3 Bbillion Dollars – He Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

Debt is deferred taxation. In the last three years, the Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor have increased debt by $6,300,000,000 SIX BILLION THREE HUNDRED MILLION. The Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor are NOT the Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend. Three Capital Budget Acts, Act 130 of 2011 Act 193 of 2012 and Act [...]

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The Entire Pennsylvania Senate Republican Majority Leadership Voted YEA for Tom Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion Tax Increase – Republican Leadership Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

  Every member of  the Senate Republican Majority  Leadership *   voted For Tom  Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase to fix Pennsylvania’s   “crumbling roads and  bridges falling down”.   Senate Vote Act 89  0f 2013 (HB1060) 20 November 2013 43 YEA 7 NAY  6 Democrats 1 Republican (Senator Kim Ward was the only Republican [...]

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Personnel is Policy: Pennsylvania Senate Republican Leadership …They are not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

Bottom: Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9), President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25), Appropriations Committee Chairman Jake Corman (R-34) Top: Majority Whip Pat Browne (R-16), Majority Caucus Chairman Mike Waugh (R-28), Majority Policy Committee Chairman Ted Erickson (R-26), Majority Caucus Administrator John Gordner (R-27), Majority Caucus Secretary Bob Robbins (R-50)  Every member of Senate Republican Leadership [...]

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Jerry Sandusky’s Enablers: Sen. Jake Corman – Penn State’s $2 Billion Dollar Man – The Shame of Penn State and Its Enablers

LIBERTY INDEX 2012 Penn State’s Two Billion Dollar Man   The Senator from Penn State and the Rape of a Ten Year Old: What Did He Know and  When Did He Know It?  A Cynical Quisling Republican Collaborator Finances Big Business Billion Dollar Penn State but hey…. Gary Shultz Needs His Pension The Shame of [...]

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Jerry Sandusky, Attorney General, Now Governor, Tom Corbett, Penn State and Attorney General Candiate Dave Freed – Novermber 6

Penn State Jerry Sandusky has been convicted for serial child molestation spanning about 15 years, including, rape of a 10 year old. The question is Where Was Law Enforcement? Where Were the Trustees and Administrators of Penn State? The Voters of Pennsylvania have subsidized Penn State with $2 billion dollars in past 9 years. Where [...]

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Millions for Billionaires: Cui Bono Rob Gleason UPenn Wins ForgottenTaxpayer Loses

Annually, Pennsylvania’s General Assembly, dutifully, robotically, votes millions1 of middle class taxpayer dollars to billion dollar tax exempt UPENN. Why? It makes not economic sense to give millions to UPENN, the second largest employer in Pennsylvania with a budget of $6.07 BILLION and an endowment of $5.6 BILLION and whose uberLiberal Obama Democratic Elitist President [...]