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Key Vote 2012: National Representative Allyson Schwartz and Senator Bob Casey

The Highway Bill which impacts transportation throughout the entire US is loaded with corporatist provisions favoring a few. From Madison Project Daniel Horowitz informs us  More Problems With the Highway Bill: “As 50 or so members of both houses sit behind closed doors and map out the entire transportation policy for 50 states, we are […]

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Pat Toomey: A Defense of Free Market Capitalism – Fallacy of Fairness

READ MORE 23 March 2012 Eric Boehm  PA Independent  … “as government gets bigger, we get smaller.  “I believe that capitalism isn’t good because it works, it works because it is good,” “And I believe that the big government alternatives aren’t wrong because they fail, they fail because they are wrong.” Toomey saved his sharpest […]

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JULIA the Quintessential CASEY/OBAMA Voter

Julia, the CASEY/OBAMA 2012  Campaign’s Composite Voter, is a tax taker, not a tax maker. That’s for other people. The Tom Smith Voter is the tax maker,  the taxpayer who works, saves and invests. “Julia” is Obama 2012 campaign’s composite government dependent who lives on the kindness of others and the voters to whom the […]

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6 November 2012: Tom Smith Pat Toomey – Union USPS Billion Dollar Bailout

The Bailout Of The US Postal Service Begins: Cost To Taxpayers – $110,000 Per Union Vote “Saved Or Gained”    READ MORE 26 April 2012 Tyler Darden The Senate Vote 25 April 2012 62-37  The Union’s Man Sen. Bob “98%” Casey voted “YEA” for bailout and Sen. Pat “The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend” Toomey voted for […]

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Issues 2012 Part 11: The Rigged National Labor Relations Board – Compare and Contrast Casey v Toomey

Business groups mounted an extensive lobbying effort geared toward the Senate this week to void a NLRB rule that would speed up union elections. That campaign fell short in a 45-54 vote Tuesday where Republican senators sought to void the regulation under the Congressional Review Act.  READ MORE The Hill 28 April 2012.   The […]

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6 November 2012: Tom Smith and Pat Toomey – Economic Freedom – US Energy – Keystone XL

 Keystone XL pipeline. Voting 56-42, the Senate on Thursday 8 March 2012  failed to reach 60 votes for stipulating that Congress, under the commerce clause of the Constitution, has authority to approve the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas. The amendment to a pending transportation bill (S 1813) would shift […]

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Tom Smith for Senate Tom Smith – Independent of Party Leadership and Most Able to Finance a Statewide Senate Campaign Against Casey

Unpretentious, and down to earth Tom Smith has had a consistent set of beleifs ; Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom , and Independent Party Leadership.   He has also been able to Finance a US Senate Campaign, and has a compelling life story filled with financial success and fiscal common sense. From union Coal Miner, […]

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Sen. Bob Casey and Turkish Friendship and Armenian Genocide

  Gokhan Ozkok, the president of the Turkish American Business Improvement and Development Council (TABID) introduced US Senator Bob Casey to the audience. US Senator received his gift from Gokhan Ozkok, the president of TABID.   Sen. Bob Casey welcomes Turks to US at the   The Fourth Annual Friendship Dinner  (March 24th 2011) organized […]

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April 24th Primary – Part 7 “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Our national debt is up $5 trillion since Obama took office. The U.S. economy supports 740,000 fewer jobs today than when Obama became president Gas prices are up more than 200% since Obama took office. Who can say we are better off after three and half years of the Obama Administration?   James Carville:  “It’s […]

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April 24th Part 1: Tom Smith for US Senate

Primary Day is April 24th, less than two weeks away. With Rick Santorum dropping out making Mitt Romney almost certainly the Republican Nominee, there still remain significant votes.                          US SENATE Tom Smith is ” the Guy ”  “Pat Toomey from Armstrong County”- to challenge Sen. Bob Casey in November – Tom Smith, […]