13 October 2012 0 Comments

Crony Capitalism – Crony Socialism – Nancy Pelosi Gets Richer

Nancy Pelosi, selfless defenders of poor and middle class against the heartless, profit-driven, rapacious 1%, getting rich from government. Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan  Gateway Pundit 28 September 2011  ( hat tip Dr. Jim Brodsky, Dead Cats and Clippings )   Nancy Pelosi,72 years old, Net Worth […]

18 March 2012 0 Comments

Left Wing 1% of 1% Part 12: Obamas Celebrate Valentine’s Day – a Double Standard

     Obama Valentine’s Day Splurge Priced at Up To $300 by Keith Koffler on February 15, 2012 “ It’s a fairly safe bet to assume the Obamas went for the wine, which would bring the tab to $110 per person. Add in a nine percent sales tax and 20 percent tip and we’re up […]