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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 6- Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia Articulates the Need for School Choice That Daylin Leach Opposes

Philadelphia Diocese Archbishop Charles J. Chaput: Catholic school crisis shows need for vouchers: “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has announced the closure of four of its 17 Catholic high schools and 44 of its 156 regional or elementary schools. The action will displace as many as 24,000 students.”  READ MORE  Catholic News Agency 28 January 2012 […]

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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 5: Education Reform – The Pennsylvania Constitutional Mandate for “…thorough and efficient system of public educatin”

Kevin P. Chavous is an eloquent writer and a hands on, practical politician who “got it done” for the school kids of Washington, DC.  Mr. Chavous makes the point that the issue is ‘non-partisan”. I have to disagree. This issue is very political. The current education system and regime is government created, government maintained, and […]

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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 3: Germantown High School and The Shipley School – Compare and Contrast

Germantown High School is about 10 miles, 30 minutes, from The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Lower Merion, one of the wealthiest sections in one of the wealthiest municipalities in one of the wealthiest  counties in Pennsylvania. The Shipley School seems to have a very active Alumni [Facebook] [The Shipley School was founded] in 1894 […]

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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 2: Chooses Shipley For His Kids -PSEA Finances Daylin Leach and Likes It Like That

Daylin Leach uses his own money to send his kids to Shipley,   the school he thinks is the best choice for his kids. That is what good parents do. That choice, and the resources to effect that choice, are the Pennsylvania Constitutional Right of every parent and every child, not just hypocritical phonies like Daylin […]

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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 1: The Choices Democrats Make – Daylin Leach; Shipley – For Everyone Else; Government Issue K-12 Union Schools

Wouldn’t the opportunity of going to a school of a parent’s choice ameliorate this situation. Not everyone learns well in in industrial sized, 1920’s factory schools. Mega schools are not suited to everyone’s learning differences. Giving parents the resources, through Education Improvement Tax Credits, or Vouchers, would allow them to finance a school closer to […]

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School Choice: Violence at Unionized Government Run South Philadelphia High – The Case for Vouchers

Every day we force mothers and fathers to send their kids to violent and educationally dysfunctional schools. The only viable solution is Vouchers to allow those that want to escape, those who want something better for their kids, to have an opportunity. We spend $26 billion on government schools, $2.8 billion in Philadelphia. Would not […]

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Rick Perry Wins Pennsylvania Part 3: The African American Vote and School Choice

The Black support for School Vouchers is dramatic as the polling graph in the article demonstrates dramatically. Texas has a successful experience with School Choice. The African American Political Establishment is lock step with Government Teachers’ Unions and suppresses School Choice, and, in particular, Vouchers, in the African American communities of Philadelphia, Reading, Lancaster City, […]

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Daylin Leach’s Double Standard: Does He Care About Kids or about Unionized School System?

Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach has been a vocal opponent of opportunity and vocal defender of a failed, bureaucratic system of education that traps kids in violent and educationally dysfunctional school buildings Daylin Leach                  “   What? Me, Worry   They aren’t my kids.   Pennsylvania’s $26 billion dollar […]

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The Obama Administration DC Voucher “Separate and Unequal”: Choice = Opportunity

  Is our President and his Administration going to condemn hundreds of poorest children in the worst schools  to “separate and unequal” education in our nation’s Capital? Jonathan Tobin of Commentary Magazine, eloquently, explains this tragedy. More here: The Obama 2011 Budget defunds DC Vouchers. D.C. Vouchers Revival Gives Obama a Chance to Show Willingness […]

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School Choice – PA Spends $26 BILLION DOLLARS at State and Local Level Each Year – School Choice Vouchers

1)      Pennsylvania Government financed by The Forgotten Taxpayer spends $26 BILLION DOLLARS  at State and Local level each year for Education; 2)       The cost of SB 1 Opportunity will be paid by redirecting money budgeted for education. In fact, Parental Choice saves The Forgotten Taxpayer money.  See chart below  the tiny sliver are cost of […]