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Common Core Rick Santorum versus Tom Corbett

Tom Corbett’s Department of Education is implementing Common Core, a very expensive program nationalizing education. While I am no fan of the opportunistic, self-absorbed Rick Santorum, I can’t say he is stupid. When he is right, I have to say he is right. Here Rick Santorum articulates, cogently and clearly, what is wrong with Common […]

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The Knockout Game continues at Bartram High Part 2

      At Unionized and Government Run Bartram Violence Persists READ MORE Kristin Graham and Dylan Purcell 4 April 2014        School Choice for the poorest kids in the worst schools seems a moral mandate for all of us. This is, of course, opposed by the richest and most powerful special interest in […]

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The Knockout Game at Philadelphia’s Government Operated Unionized Bartram High –Part 1

   Bartram staffer Alphonso Stevenson was knocked unconscious by a student at the school on March 21. This image was posted on Twitter that day. READ MORE Kristen Graham and Dylan Purcell 31 March 2014 Philadelphia Inquirer The Inquirer’s Pulitzer Prize winning Seven Part series “Assault on Learning” ran 27 March 2011 to 3 April 2011 […]

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School Choice and African-Americans – the New York Expeience – It Works

A Generation of School-Voucher Success African-American kids in New York were 24% more likely to attend college if they won a scholarship to attend private school. READ MORE WSJ Chingos and Peterson: A Generation of School-Voucher Success WSJ 23August 2012  “The Effects of School Vouchers on College Enrollment: Experimental Evidence from New York City,”

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Philadelphia Government PSSA Scores Decline – 53 Schools Suspected of Cheating

“As the Notebook and Newsworks reported Thursday, preliminary results of the 2012 PSSA tests show declines after 10 years of increases, with the biggest drops occurring in schools under investigation for possible cheating and in the lower grades. Most of the 53 schools under investigation showed sharp drops. ” READ MORE Philadelphia Public School Notebook […]

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School Choice – A National Issue – Choosing The Culture For Your Kids

Kevin P. CHAVOUS: Obama must support school choice Young black kids deserve a chance Read more: CHAVOUS: Obama must support school choice – Washington Times

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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 10: DC Vouchers Saved; Progressives Oppose Vouchers for Poorest Kids in Worst Schools- Obama to Leach

Education News  House Majority Leader Republican John Boehner and Good Democrat Joe Lieberman Save DC Voucher Program  Monday June 25th, 2012  Julia Lawrence Earlier this month, National Review’s Mona Charen called out the President for seeking to defund a program allows participants to enroll in the same excellent school that he had chosen for his […]

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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 9: Daylin Defends “public” Schools; Public Doesn’t.

Lack of Confidence in Public Schools at an All-Time High  Lindsey Burke 21 June 2012 Heritage  Last week, Gallup released its annual “Confidence in American Institutions” poll, which the company has conducted since 1973. This year’s results revealed that just 29 percent of Americans have confidence in the nation’s public schools. Daylin Leach’s solution to […]

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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 8: Won’t Help Willie Learn

How Pennsylvania Can Help Willie and Penny Read 2 minute Video from Commonwealth Foundation Pennsylvania State Senate Education Committee member Daylin Leach’s policies has blocked children Like Willies choices, hopes,  and most important – his opportunity to learn. “We’ll call them Willie and Penny, two students from Philadelphia. Due to his ZIP code, Willie attends […]

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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 7: Good Democrat Eugene DePasquale from York – Willing to Give a Urban Kids a Chance- Suburban Democrat Leach Willing to Imprison Poor Kids in Violent Schools That Don’t Teach

Unlike Main Line Daylin Leach, York Democrat Eugene DePasquale supports Education Improvement Tax Credit and this video presents real world Logos Academy.  6:15 minute Video Logos Academy  The Teacher is parent when parent isn’t there.  Hope and Choice and that education starts at home. This is a very powerful video with authentic voices in support […]