7 March 2014 0 Comments

Ron Miller’s Pension Vote Act 9 of 2001 Was the Beginning of the Pension Mess We Are In

 Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania reminds us that Ron Miller’s vote for Act 9 of 2001 started the pensiojuggernaut rolling.  READ MORE Time Line of Pennsylvania Public Pensions Morning Call 9 February 2013 Key Dates and Debates   Ron Miller Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend   Ron Miller feathered his nest at the expense of The Forgotten […]

17 January 2014 0 Comments

Republican (?) Representative Stan Saylor (Majority Whip -York) Three Bad Debt Votes to increase Pennsylvania Debt by $6.3 Bbillion

    Stan Saylor Republican Majority Whip Pro Life Not Pro Taxpayer Republican (?) Stan Saylor District  94  Republican, serving York County (Part) Member of the House 1993 to date. Debt is deferred taxation In the last three years, the Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor have increased debt by $6,300,000,000 SIX BILLION THREE HUNDRED MILLION. The Republican […]

4 June 2012 0 Comments

GID v CAP: Loser Bashes Winner – RINOs – Naming Names

Recently, Charlie “GID” Gerow’s Wednesday Morning meeting featured Dave Argall, Jerry Knowles, Ron Miller and Rick Geist, and that phony Gene Barr,  bashing Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania CAP)  because CAP was so indecent as to have challenged the status quo entrenched Harrisburg Insider Establishment Endorsed candidates. CAP was, deliberately, not invited.  Explain how a Constitutional […]