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Is Statism a Good Idea?

   The State is built on force and coercion of individuals. The bigger the Collectivist State; the less Individual Liberty.

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Taxing Businesses – The Willie Sutton Economic Policy – Because That’s Where the Money Is

The Marxist Alinsky – Willie Sutton – Obama “Tax the Rich” is an ongoing leitmotif of American politics and academic discourse.  Street- smart, Philadelphia bank robber, Willie Sutton, explained this underlying philosophy in simple and clear terms:   After being convicted for being a serial bank robber a judge asked him why he robbed banks, […]

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Crony Capitalism – Crony Socialism – Nancy Pelosi Gets Richer

Nancy Pelosi, selfless defenders of poor and middle class against the heartless, profit-driven, rapacious 1%, getting rich from government. Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan  Gateway Pundit 28 September 2011  ( hat tip Dr. Jim Brodsky, Dead Cats and Clippings )   Nancy Pelosi,72 years old, Net Worth […]

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Karl Marx Introduced Anti-Semitism Into America – Max Geltman

  ” The Russian Loan” January 4th, 1856, a slow news day, “Jews, loan mongering and the Russian Czar and New England Intellectuals, Emerson, Greeley, Hawthorne, Charles Augustus Dana, Charles Fourier  ” and more are part of this fascinating insight. Karl Marx is the one who introduced “class warfare analysis” into economics, and here he […]

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Tax Fairness – Plutocracy; Tax Fairness – A Sophisticated Libertarian Analysis – Stephen Moore

TaxProf Blog brings this tax fairness analysis to our attention. The Marxist Alinsky mantra is “Have Nots vs Haves” also that there is a systemic, and profoundly unfair distribution of wealth favoring “the Rich”, Plutocrats who rapaciously and greedily exploit and plunder the “working stiff” common man. “Social Justice” requires the government, in its virtue […]

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Obama 2012: Exploit Racial Greivance, Victimhood and Dependency – The Democrats Alinsky

For example, here is how Progressive Democrats are being taught to use phony claims of racism to defend taxpayer financed Big Government Progressive programs.  House Democrats get trained on how to play race card Washington Times 11 May 2012 And who better to train them in incendiary racial rhetoric and analysis but Maya Wiley.  Dems […]

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1% of 1%: Bipartisan Billioniare Law Firms

Highest-grossing Philadelphia law firms: Slideshow  Business Journal 3 May 2012  Bipartisan – Another word for Bigger Government Tax Increase.  Are any of these lawyers willing to redistribute the wealth?  

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1% of 1%: Obama Democrats Comcast’s 2011 Compensation

What Comcast’s top executives earned in 2011: Slideshow Philadelphia Business Journal by Peter Key, Reporter  Tuesday, May 1, 2012,   Brian Roberts   $26.9 Million 2011 Compensation Are David L. Cohen and Brian Roberts willing to redistribute their income?

4 April 2012 0 Comments

Animal Farm Part 2: Income Inequality Federal v Civilian Workforce

Federal Workers – Not Sharing the Sacrifice 02/15/201 Investor’s Business Daily                  Campaigning: The Obama budget is a miserably flawed document in so many ways. But it’s more than a mere toxic spending package. It’s also a political compact the president is hoping will generate support. Included in […]

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Animal Farm Part 1: Obama’s Targeted Tax Redistributionist Policies

      Selfless President Obama and his Democrats portray the budget and tax arguments as a partisan contest between Democrats and Republicans about differing policy priorities. In fact, as can be seen below,it is an Marxist Alinsky Redistributionist Class Warfare taking from the Haves to give to the Have-Nots and enriching and empowering Obama’s Elite Network […]