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Paul Ryan: Obama 2012 Mediscare Mantra Refuted – PPACA Destroys Medicare As We Know It

Paul Ryan: ‘It’s irrefutable’ that President Obama is damaging Medicare    Obama 2012 Mediscare Mantra      The  Hill 14 August 2012: “Paul Ryan doubled down on Romney campaign attacks on President Obama’s handling of Medicare, saying Tuesday it was “irrefutable” that the president was “damaging Medicare for current seniors” in his first solo interview […]

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Dick Morris Part 2 – PPACA IPAB – Obamacare’s Death Panels

Dick Morris Lunch Alert Video, 5:35 minutes, explains the dangers of President Obama’s centrally planned health care regime. The Independent Payment Advisory Panels are created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to hold the rise of health care costs to inflation plus 1%. In effect, the government will choose what medical care treatment […]

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Dick Morris Part 1 – President Obama’s Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Nullifies Welfare Reform Law

Succinctly, Dick Morris goes to the heart of the issue. President Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, ‘gutted” President Bill Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reform. READ MORE Obama Kills Welfare Reform Dick Morris July 17, 2012 The Hill Heritage’s Robert Rector and Kiki Bradley give a fuller explanation.  READ MORE Heritage 12 July […]

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Obama and Israel: The Record

  THE STORY OF OBAMA AND ISRAEL Video 30 minutes… remember! The Cairo Speech is seminal. The belief that “Palestinian” issue is the central issue to Middle East peace is core to Obama Administration ideology and wrong. It makes no sense.

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“Flexibility” in the Obama Administration’s Second Term: Is That Good for America

“Flexibility” in his second term, if re-elected, is the message caught by an open mic. The Obama friendly NYTimes reports:” Mr. Obama then elaborated in a portion of the exchange picked up by the cameras: ‘This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.’ ” “On all these issues, but particularly missile […]

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Obama 2012: A Campaign of Divisiveness – Exploiting Human Weakness for Political Power

Obama 2012 is hammering the themes of class war fare, income inequality, Wall Street greed, corporate greed, ‘fair share” skillfully exploiting the human weakness of envy and resentment. Saul Alinsky, the famed Chicago ‘community organizer”, pioneered this technique of inciting the “have nots” v. the “haves” for political purposes, that is, advancing a socialist/communist Progressive […]

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President Obama’s Divisive “Story”: Burt Folsom

Why the President’s Message Doesn’t Unite Us  24 July 2012 Burt Folsom

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The Obama Economic Record: Four More Years and We Are All a Lot Worse Off

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President Barack Obama’s Ten Secret Documents…What Do They Say and When Will We Know.

Top 10 documents Obama needs to release now  READ MORE Washington Times 24/7 July 18, 2012   The Democrats are jumping up and down about Mitt Romney’s  tax returns which they want to use to embarrass him and to distract from Obama’s failed record on jobs and the economy. Mitt Romney has released his academic […]

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Obama: “After my election, I have more flexibility.”

“After my election, I have more flexibility.” America At the Crossroads Video     Listen CBS News Bill Plante Video 1:32 min   25 March 2012