28 December 2013 0 Comments

Rep. Mike Fleck Bails out Unions and Kicks Pension Reform Down the Road

  Mike Fleck is not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend voted to avoid reforming Pension problem.                                                    Act 120 of 2010 is a Democratic bill that kicks the pension problem down the road to placate Democratic unions.   Every Democrat and every member of Republican House Leadership voted […]

16 July 2011 0 Comments

Good bye Mr. McCotter – Pension Pension Bailout

Thaddeus McCotter (Michigan 11) – The Unions’ Candidate – Promotes $165 Million Dollar Pension Bailout RedState Monday July 4th: “Following last year’s failure of Democrats (and a few Republicans1, like new GOP-presidential hopeful Thad McCotter) to get taxpayers to shell out up to $165 billion to prop up union pension funds, unions have continued to […]