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Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, championed $7.5 billion tax increase, the biggest tax increase since Bob Casey Sr. 1991 $3 billion

Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades By: Jim Panyard | November 22, 2013 http://mediatrackers.org/pennsylvania/2013/11/22/pennsylvania-okays-biggest-tax-hike-two-decades Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Thursday passed a transportation funding package that will cost residents a cumulative $7.5 billion over the next five years, primarily in gasoline and diesel fuel […]

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Do we want lobbyist Foxes in the Attorney General’s Hen House? Cronyism and John Rafferty

  Mike Long and Todd Nyquist are John Rafferty’s campaign managers and have been entwined for more than 12 years when Rafferty was first elected to the Senate.           ​John Rafferty Mike Long Two Peas in a Pod ​ Long and Nyquist are the  lobbyists for the deadly duo of Republican Corporate […]

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Meanwhile in Pennsylvania ….Two Faced Double Talking John Rafferty Disingenuous…Harrisburg Hack John Rafferty wants to be Republican nominee for Attorney General.

John Rafferty wants the Republican endorsement for Pennsylvania Attorney General  Two Faced Double Talker Corporate Crony and Union Endorsed — Higher Taxes for all  JOHN RAFFERTY DISINGENUOUS?    OCTOBER 14, 2015  BILLLAWRENCE      FTA  Rafferty, a Republican, has been accused of trying to kill the bill, SB 501, which would keep money from being involuntarily […]

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Jerry Sandusky, Attorney General, Now Governor, Tom Corbett, Penn State and Attorney General Candiate Dave Freed – Novermber 6

Penn State Jerry Sandusky has been convicted for serial child molestation spanning about 15 years, including, rape of a 10 year old. The question is Where Was Law Enforcement? Where Were the Trustees and Administrators of Penn State? The Voters of Pennsylvania have subsidized Penn State with $2 billion dollars in past 9 years. Where […]

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April 24th Part 11: Democratic Primary Kathleen Kane and Dave Freed Comparison on Issues- Legal Intelligencer

Freed, Kane Diverge on Health Care, Sandusky Investigation  By Ben PresentContactAll Articles  The Legal Intelligencer  April 17, 2012

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April 24th – Part 10 Kathleen Kane Endorsed by Northwest Independent

The Northwest Independent and affiliated newspapers  have endorsed Kathlee Kane dropped at 36,000 households in heavily Democratic Northwest Philadelphia Publisher Jim Foster is a true Independent who, like me, admires Harry Truman. Rep. Rosita Youngblood is an independent minded person who does not always play well with Democratic Leadership AND who is well respected by […]

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April 24th – Part 8 – Phila. Inquirer Endorses Kathleen Kane for Attorney General

Philadelphia Inquirer has followed  Bob’s lead at The Liberty Blog and here at Save Ardmore Coalition site and endorses Kathleen Kane for Attorney General in the 24 April Primary. Kudos to the Inquirer for following the ahead of the curve The Liberty Blog and my SAC blogging. I have been told that the Northwest Independent, […]

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April 24th Part 3: Democratic Primary for Attorney General

A very big deal for Kathleen Kane  The Democratic Primary is one of the two most important primaries in Pennsylvania on April 24th President Bill Clinton rallies support for unendorsed Kathleen Kane, independent of Pennsylvania Democratic Party leadership. Former President Bill Clinton will attend a rally Thursday at Upper Moreland High School in support of […]

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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 4: Senate Bonusgate Self-Investigation Self-Reported

Kathleen Kane is independent of Democratic Party leadership and the usual Democratic Special Interests of Unions, Trial Lawyers and Elitist Liberals, self financing with two million in the bank. As a Democrat, Kathleen Kane is, obviously, independent of Republican Party Establishment Network of Insiders and, in particular, the Senate Republican Leadership which is embarrassment to […]

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Republican Attorney Generals Have Not Served Us, or Children, Well – Milton Hershey Trust – Taking Advantage

Hershey School 12,000 acres an$8 billion trust fund. Trustees were in competition with the trust itself. Self-serving trustees have enriched themselves. Leroy S. Zimmerman, Hershey Charity Director, Goes From Making $35K To Half A Million Bob Fernandez Inquirer  7/20/2011 September 14, 2011 Hershey School Scandal and Need for Watchful Governance Pablo Eisenberg The Chronicle of […]