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Penn State Big Business Tax Exempt and Taxpayer Subsidized: Dickinson Law Schools Campuses

Penn State is a $4 billion dollar billionaire tax exempt corporation in the big business of education. In this case. the business of legal education. The Forgotten Taxpayer is forced to fund this tax exempt big business. It appears that Penn State is reneging on an agreement with the State. “An internal memo obtained by […]

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Jerry Sandusky’s Enablers: Sen. Jake Corman – Penn State’s $2 Billion Dollar Man – The Shame of Penn State and Its Enablers

LIBERTY INDEX 2012 Penn State’s Two Billion Dollar Man   The Senator from Penn State and the Rape of a Ten Year Old: What Did He Know and  When Did He Know It?  A Cynical Quisling Republican Collaborator Finances Big Business Billion Dollar Penn State but hey…. Gary Shultz Needs His Pension The Shame of […]

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Liberty Index Part 3: Key Votes and 4 Higher Education Appropriatons Acts of 2011

Key Votes 2010 -2011-2012 5 General Acts and 4 Higher Education Appropriations Acts Government Forces Taxpayers to Finance Private, Tax Exempt Non Profit Big Business Billionaire Higher Education Corporations The General Assembly will be voting on Higher Education Appropriations bills in June 2012

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Liberty Index Part 8 -Republicans and Democrats Force The Forgotten Taxpayer to Subsidize Billionaire Private Tax Exempt Corporations – Proposing a New Direction

Every June, the General Assembly, whether Democratic controlled or Republican controlled, forces The Forgotten Taxpayer to fund billionaire, private, tax exempt corporations. Penn State’s Trustees, Administrators, Faculty and Staff have been rewarded with over two billion dollars over the past 10 years. “Then there’s tuition. Grove City’s $13,598 annual tuition is less than half the […]

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Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky Exposed by 22 Year Old Patriot News Sara Ganim: Attorney General of Pennsylvania?

   Glamour Magazine profiles Harrisburg Patriot-News Sara Ganim, then 22 years old,  who broke the Jerry Sandusky rape of a ten year old and serial child molestation story. READ MORE Glamour Magazine March 2012  “For the next two years, Ganim tried to get real facts—”I just started knocking on doors,” she says—and pursued the story […]

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Democratic 1% of 1% Part 4: Penn State – Double Standard – Taxpayers Subsidize Billionaire Tax Exempt Private Corporation

Each year The Forgotten Taxpayer subsidizes PENN STATE UNIVERSITY. In Fiscal Year 2011-2012, the Republican Governor and the Republican General Assembly voted Penn State 227,694,000 1, almost a quarter billion dollars. For Fiscal Year 2012-2013, the Governor has proposed Taxpayer subsidy of $163,461,000 2. PENN STATE UNIVERSITY is a multibillion dollar tax exempt corporation with […]

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Penn State Billion Dollar “Non Profit” Bloated Bureaucracy: Taxpayer Subidizes

Each year the Forgotten Taxpayer subsidizes the tax-exempt corporate, non-profit Penn State, annual budget $4 billion,  with its overpaid, under performing professors and overstaffed and overpaid bureaucracy. Appropriations Act #14 of 2011 2011 June 30  HB 1731 Pennsylvania State University – education and general expenses and Pennsylvania College of Technology   $238,792,000 Penn State Taxpayer Subsidy […]

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Rep. Chris Ross: Bad Vote Millions for Tax Exempt Billionaires

Rep. Chris Ross  – As Expected – Robbing the Productive Earner and Saver, The Forgotten Taxpayer, to Give to Liberal Leviathan Tax Exempt Billionaire Private Education Corporations Rep. Chris Ross  (R –158th ChesCo),  as many of you know, is an Ivy graduate  voted to force taxpayers to subsidize $29,000,00 to UPENN and       […]

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Rep. Warren Kampf: Bad Vote Millions for Tax Exempt Billionaires

Rep. Warren Kampf – Disappointing The Forgotten Taxpayer – Robbing the Productive Earner and Saver, The Forgotten Taxpayer, to Give to Liberal Leviathan Tax Exempt Billionaire Private Education Corporations Rep. Warren Kampf (R –ChesCo),  as many of you know, an Ivy graduate  Voted FOR FOR $29,000,000 to UPENN and   $146,823,000  to Temple U and millions […]

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Academic Royalty: Penn State’s Graham Spanier $800,592

Penn State’s Graham Spanier is paid $800, 592 according to Journal of Higher Education and flies in one of Penn State’s seven airplanes ( but no jet ) from his own airport. Our Academic Royalty deserves no less House Republicans are proposing to give Penn State $  252,542,000, a quarter of a Billion Dollars? And […]