10 November 2011 0 Comments

8 November: A Clear Choice Ward 3 A Respectful Ray Fulbright v The Uncivil Paul McElhaney

Shocking Video It is difficult to think that Lower Merion Democrats and Independents will tolerate Democratic Commissioner Paul McElhaney’s expletive (not deleted) taped reaction to a Commissioner Rosenzweig  questioning yet another Lower Merion tax increase in this shocking video. Democratic Commissioners Rogan-Bernheim-McGuire-Manos-McElhaney have not apologized for this unwarranted outburst and seemingly tolerate the taxpayer abuse. […]

18 August 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Workers Association Contract

Alicia Guide of Ardmore-Wynnewood-Merion Patch updates on the “whip count”; five in favor, three oppose. Lew Gould did not return phone call, however, his record is one of fiscal common sense. There are 14 Commissioners; 8 votes are needed to approve this increased expenditure. Commissioner Paul McElhaney, brother of Workers Association president, George McElhaney, plans […]