19 May 2012 0 Comments

Issues 2012 Part 11: The Rigged National Labor Relations Board – Compare and Contrast Casey v Toomey

Business groups mounted an extensive lobbying effort geared toward the Senate this week to void a NLRB rule that would speed up union elections. That campaign fell short in a 45-54 vote Tuesday where Republican senators sought to void the regulation under the Congressional Review Act.  READ MORE The Hill 28 April 2012.   The […]

21 February 2012 0 Comments

Keystone XL: WSJ – Robert J. Samuelson – Ron Radosh – The President’s Political Calculation: White Working Class v Suburban Upper Middle Class and Coastal Elites

WSJ Editorial 18 January 2012 A re-election campaign is a terrible thing to waste, and this year’s race is already producing miraculous changes at the Obama White House: The latest example of a bear walking on its hind legs is the President’s new embrace of . . . natural gas from shale. Last week the […]

28 December 2011 0 Comments

NLRB – National Labor Relations Board: Hijacked by Obama Union Democrats

There is a serious issue before the NLRB which has not received much attention in the Liberal Conventional Media but which has a huge impact, particularly, on smaller businesses.  The Hill reports on the threatened resignation of Republican Brian Hayes  from the NLRB before key vote on November 30th which dramatizes the seriousness of the […]

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5 June 2011 0 Comments

Cafe Hayek: Boeing Unions Counterproductive

Don Boudreaux of Café Hayek – where orders emerge – makes two telling points; one about a Statist Big Business, which is not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend, that lobbies for protectionist legislation on its own behalf and one about a Statist Labor Union and its Enabler the National Labor Relations Board which lobbies to restrict […]