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The Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money: An Explanation – Lower Merion a Special Case of Stupidity

The salient issue in comparing Lower Merion and Narberth is the increase in spending over time  and we don’t have that data. A no tax increase budget in an election year is very, very thin evidence of fiscal common sense.Has there been an increase in borrowing, which kicks the tax can down the road, but […]

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Compare and Contrast Loser MontCo and Winner Lehigh County: Losers Rob Gleason/Bruce Castor/Bob Kerns Winners The Lehigh County Model, Wayne Woodman and Fiscal Common Sense

A smiling Rob Gleason claims credit for wins throughout the Commonwealth PaGOP Chair Rob Gleason congratulates Anne Covey on her election to Commonwealth Court and Republicans Who Took Majority Control of 12 County Courthouses. Rob Gleason takes credit for wins that are not his and blaming others for losses which are and gets away with […]

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8 November: County Tax Increase – MatthewsHoeffel $42 Million Dollar Deficit – Dems Disingenuous

Commissioner Matthews: ‘There Has to be a Tax Increase…’ A question about plans for a possible tax hike prompted Montco Commissioner James Matthews to express his opinion that an increase is needed or county services will suffer. Bob comments: And has Commissioner Matthews no responsibility for this “shambles” caused by mismanagement and secrecy? More spending […]

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8 November MontCo: Pat Mosesso Register of Wills

Patricia Mosesso President MorganWentworth LLC  Legal Placement has an impressive record of private, small business entrepreneur meeting a payroll, maintaining accounting records. Pat Mosesso has had experience managing  a $14 million dollar budget a in cutting expenditures which requires setting priorities. I hope she and the other row officer candidates will embrace the idea of […]

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8 November MontCo: Chuck Wilson

Chuck Wilson, Certified Public Accountant, and is what you would expect, unpretentious, down to earth, a bit shy, and an aura of reliable, solid, quiet competence. As Towamencin Township Supervisor, Chuck Wilson and the Republican Supervisors put the Township’s checkbook online and has a record of fiscal common sense.    

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8 November ShapiroRichards The Record-They Can’t Be Trusted With Money – Part 1 – like Hoeffel/Matthews, Can’t Be Trusted with Money

Josh Shapiro, like Hoeffel/Matthews Can’t Be Trusted with Money. On August 16, Hoeffel/Matthews said County finances are in great shape. A week later, budget shortfall of $24.4 million dollars appears –ooops.  Note Commissioner Hoeffel’s blasé dismissal of the County’s historically high debt. I think that tells us what is on his mind. More debt as […]

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8 November Diane Morgan Part 2: Montgomery County Controller, Cannot Be Trusted to Control Montgomery County Taxpayer Money

Montgomery County Controller Diane Morgan has had THREE (3) years to scan Montgomery County Contracts and post them online. How hard can this be? Democrat Morgan is either stunningly incompetent or deliberately obfuscating. The Forgotten Taxpayer would like to see the County Contracts Online and whom he and she is paying, how much and for […]

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8 November Diane Morgan Part 1: Montgomery County Controller, Cannot Be Trusted to Control Taxpayer Money

Montgomery County Controller Diane Morgan wants a $390,000 budget increase when County is facing a $24.4 million shortfall1; even Big Government Joe Hoeffel realizes that spending cuts are necessary if taxes are not to be raised in a recession. Montgomery County debt is at historic high. Can Diane Morgan really be trusted to control Montgomery […]

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8 November Jenny Brown On Fire: Fiscal Common Sense Economic Freedom

The Sizzling Jenny Brown an emerging leader in Pennsylvania governance because of a proven, public record of fiscal common sense in Lower Merion , with steely resolve, set to restore fiscal responsibility to Montgomery County  November 8, 2011. Please listen to one minute Daily Salvo:  

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Montgomery County 8 Nov 2011 – Moon Ahn, Esq.MontCo Clerk of Courts

Moon Ahn, Esq. Lifelong Republican First Generation Immigrant Candidate for MontCo Clerk of Courts.  Like many of our parents and grandparents, Moon Ahn and his family came to America because they wanted something better and was willing to work for it. Times Herald Jenny DeHuff Sunday, June 05, 2011 (with video)   NORRISTOWN — Moon Ahn came […]