31 May 2012 0 Comments

6 November Penna. Attorney General – Kane Poll: Kathleen Kane Leads Dave Freed 48 to 27

If the Democrats do not screw this up by going negative against Tea Party, they can win. “Ending One Party Rule” is a powerful message to Tea Party which is burdened by Republican State Committee’s incompetence and arrogance. “Independent of Union Leadership” is another powerful theme. AG is supposed to protect workers, not Unions Leadership. […]

5 March 2012 0 Comments

Republican Attorney Generals Have Not Served Us, or Children, Well – Milton Hershey Trust – Taking Advantage

Hershey School 12,000 acres an$8 billion trust fund. Trustees were in competition with the trust itself. Self-serving trustees have enriched themselves. Leroy S. Zimmerman, Hershey Charity Director, Goes From Making $35K To Half A Million Bob Fernandez Inquirer  7/20/2011 September 14, 2011 Hershey School Scandal and Need for Watchful Governance Pablo Eisenberg The Chronicle of […]