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Barry Rubin The Media Part 2: Media Gets It Wrong – Muslim Brotherhood is Islamist

Getting Priorities Wrong in Egypt and Syria: Three Media Case Studies  August 15, 2012 Barry Rubin PJMedia “Focus is everything — knowing what the central problem is, and dealing with it. Here I want to discuss three articles that I basically agree with to point out how they miss the key issue and thus are […]

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Barry Rubin The Media Part 1: More Media Gets It Wrong: Prosperity “Palestinian Prosperity”

Why Is Israel More Prosperous than the Palestinians?August 9, 2012  Barry Rubin PJMedia   “In almost 40 years of studying these issues, I’ve never seen a better case study of mass media bias and knee-jerk narrowness than an aspect of the current flap about what presidential candidate Mitt Romney said during his trip to Israel. […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 5: Union Power In Politics

Inquirer reports on Union Power and the power of Union Organizers to influence the outcomes of elections. “It’s been proven that our people vote and it’s proven that we can make up 25 to 30 percent of the vote in certain districts,” Williams said. “There are a lot of politicians that want that vote.” In […]

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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 4: Union Power Meets Media Power – Arrest Made

Media Matters the Democratically Owned Inquirer with its Democratic, Unionized Workforce reports, for the first time I can remember, on union racism (one line in Inga Saffron column) and union thuggery. The Inquirer, Daily News, WHYY Newsworks and The Obama Media “barks”.  Unlike Sherlock Holmes and Silver Blaze, the odd thing in this case is […]

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Inquirer Democratically Owned Democratically Controlled: The Obama Media

Inquirer itself disclosed its new membership “Question: Who are the new owners of The Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Philly.com? Answer: They are six businessmen with particularly strong ties to South Jersey – entrepreneurs who have made fortunes in cable television, parking garages, insurance, nuclear-energy technology, and real estate. Many of them devote a significant […]

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Girl Scouts and Left Wing Infiltration: Media Matters

The Blaze reports  how the Leftist Media Matters’ deceptive infiltration of the  Girl Scouts was exposed. One 15 year old made a difference. The Girl Scouts are promoting a Progressive Materialist view of the world devoid of religious content. “On Tuesday, we broke the story of the Girl Scouts using one of its books to […]

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Democrats Split on Israel: Key Democratic Think Tanks Pro Arab Palestinian – The Center for American Progress and Media Matters

Many of us do not see another terrorist state in the Middle East as a solution to terrorism and war. Another terrorist state in the Middle East will not reduce violence or bring peace. Weakening Israel, on the front line of war with Islamists,  strengthens the enemy. Israel needs armaments and can be blackmailed by […]