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Marcellus Shale: Royal Dutch Shell plc and the Reindustrialization of Southeast Pennsylvania

Timothy Puko of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 17 January 2012 talks of the potential that may be awaiting southeast Penna if Royal Dutch Shell builds a natural gas ethane plant in Beaver County. “The plant is likely to bring thousands of jobs and more than $1 billion in investment just from Shell, which would take ethane from […]

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Marcellus Shale/Natural Gas: Productive Job Creator: White House 12 Jan. 2012 and More

These headlines are stunning: Natural gas is getting America Working Again with more affordable energy for residential and business users and with the jobs created by energy development. Marcellus Shale Coalition January 17, 2012 In the News presents a series of postings, the first from the Obama White House: The White House: “A Boom in […]

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ENERGY POLICY: Shale, including Marcellus Shale, is Bipartisan

Pennsylvania is experiencing what other natural gas rich areas also experiencing: explosive job creation and  lower energy costs leading to a higher standard of living. The Democrats, driven by Environmental Fundamentalists oppose Marcellus Shale development because it is poising our drinking water (although not one person has even been hospitalized as a result of the […]

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ENERGY POLICY: Shale Lowers Energy Costs

As one would expect, an increase in supply lowers costs to consumers, both business and residential. Shale Development is Cutting Energy Costs (EnergyInDepth 18 January 2012) You know about the jobs. You probably know about the “renaissance in U.S. manufacturing.”  What may not be clear is the true revitalization of America’s industrial base. Companies once […]

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Energy: Pipleline to Prosperity

The lessons behind the North Dakota miracle‎. The Oklahoman, Op-Ed. The key reason for the state’s stunning economic rise is its energy sector. North Dakota is blessed with massive oil reserves. But these resources had to be coupled with smart policy making. North Dakota’s public officials consciously cultivated a regulatory environment friendly to energy investment. […]

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Liberal Green Penn Future: Lobbyist – Wants Government Funding to Lobby Government for More Money to Lobby Government

Nate Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation explains that Green Million Dollar Nonprofit Penn Future is complaining it did not get its “fair share” of the Marcellus Shale impact fee. ( October 4, 2011) Penn Future Phonies Getting Rich From Government – Shilling and Scamming- Penn Future Lobbies for Big Government Subsidies ( July 8, 2010 […]

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Marcellus Shale “Fair Share” Means “More': How Much is ‘Fair Share’?; How Much Do They Have?

Video (1:11) “Fair Share” Explained by Leftist: “How Much Do You Have?” The War Model is not the Model for an efficient and free society.

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Marcellus Shale Part 2: Employment Washington County & Williamsport Metropolitan Area

Marcellus Shale Coalition reports that Pennsylvania’s the Marcellus Shale – the world’s second largest natural gas field in the world – had the third highest job growth rate of any of the 3,141 counties in the US.. And Williamsport is the 7th fastest growing metropolitan area in the US. MINING JOBS VS. TOTAL JOBS IN […]

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Marcellus Shale Part 1: Pennsylvania’s Potential to Lead the Nation

Pennsylvania’s potential to increase production of Marcellus Shale natural gas, create jobs and lower cost of energy for Pennsylvania and America is stunning.The job creation and billions in investment in Pennsylvania, even at this time, is encouraging for future growth and a rising standard of living. Pennsylvania has the potential to increase supply of natural […]