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Not This Republican — The Power To Tax and the Power To Destroy Part 2

  Republicans join the call for tax on Marcellus drillers Not this Republican. The Republican Governor and Republican General Assembly targeted Marcellus Shale with the deceptively named “Impact Fee”. Marcellus Shale is non-union. When an initiative is led by Union financed “Progressive” Tom Murt, you know it is a union idea. Republican (?) Tom Murt is […]

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Marcellus Shale Impact “Fee” Is Redistributed to Counties Without Any Marcellus Shale Drilling including two counties with moratoriums on natural gas drilling

If Impact Fee/Tax is redistributed by number of wells, why does Philadelphia County and Bucks County, both of which have moratoriums (Act 87 of 2012 for Bucks County) get any money? Because the General Assembly, cynically, with intent to mislead termed this tax a fee. Bucks: $530,461.69 • Chester: $423,255.23 • Delaware: $474,238.17 • Montgomery: […]

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2014 Pennsylvania State Campaign for Governor The Issues That Affect People’s Lives Marcellus Shale

MARCELLUS SHALE NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION A viable Republican candidate is one who can see that Marcellus Shale Utica Shale natural gas production is the key to Pennsylvania’s future and can articulate that vision. The Commonwealth’s proper role is Traffic Cop neither an enabler nor prosecutor. EVERY Democrat and EVERY Union is committed to thwarting economic […]

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Marcellus Shale and Federal Regulations: EPA and Energy Productivity

Daniel Horowitz posted at RedState 27 June 2012 and warns of Federal EPA regulations that inhibit hydraulic fracturing on on Federal lands.  The concern is not only that there is less oil and natural gas drilling but that the Federal Regulations will “leak” over to state. Can we really think that the regulatory regime at […]

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Liberty Index Update June 2012 Part 3: Key Votes – Act 13 of 2012 Interacts with Act 16 of 2012

Act 13 of 2012 imposes  the Marcellus Shale Impact Fee/Tax l and Act 16 of 2012 creates the Shell Cracker Keystone Opportunity Zone. This political dynamic is instructive. In my view, politicizing economic decisions has had an adverse impact on both politics and power as well as our economy and our individual, financial, well-being. On […]

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Liberty Index Part 14: Key Votes – Act 16 of 2012 – Keystone Opportunity Zone

Act 16 of 2012   Feb 14  2012    SB 1237  Keystone Opportunity Zone and Shell Cracker Facility TIER 3   AGAINST LIBERTY   This was a near UNANIMOUS VOTE, only Sen. John Eichelberger voted “Nay” in the General Assembly and there appear to be valid reasons for a “yea” or “nay” vote. ALL MEMBERS will have 50 points […]

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Liberty Index Part 13: Key Vote – Act 13 of 2012 – Marcellus Shale

Act 13      Feb 14 2011     HB 1950 Oil and Gas (58 Pa.C.S )  Tier 3 Against Liberty This was a near UNANIMOUS VOTE and there appears to be valid reasons for both “YEA” or “NAY” vote. ALL MEMBERS  50 Points deducted from Grade      Although as Sen. Folmer says, this might have been […]

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Democrats for Natural Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing Process – Former Pres. Bill Clinton, NYMayor Bloomberg, Obama Administration

Democrats See the Potential of Natural Gas Drilling and Exploration  Marcellus Shale Coalition March 1, 2012 President Bill Clinton: “America Needs to End its ‘Ambivalence’ About Natural Gas”: America needs to end its “ambivalence” about natural gas and more specifically the hydraulic fracturing process used to crack underground rock formations and release the gas inside, […]

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Billion Dollar Pipeline Marcellus Shale NE Pennsylvania & Natural Gas Prices to Consumers Decline

STATE IMPACT (1 March 2012) PICKS UP STORY FROM CENTRAL PENN BUSINESS JOURNAL: ‘UGI Energy Ser­vices Inc., a Val­ley Forge-based nat­ural gas, elec­tric­ity and liq­uid fuels mar­keter, is part­ner­ing with Kansas City, Mo.-based nat­ural gas com­pany Inergy Mid­stream to build a $1 bil­lion pipeline to bring Mar­cel­lus Shale gas through the mid­state to metro areas […]

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Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Prices Lower In Southeast Penna – Supply and Demand

Andy Maykuth of the Inquirer reports ( 23 December 2012)  falling natural gas prices in southeast Pennsylvania. Increased supply has led, in this case, to lower prices for residential and business consumers.   “The five big regional utilities that serve Pennsylvania and New Jersey customers have reduced their prices on the gas portion of bills […]