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8 November Why Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Lower Merion Josh Shapio’s Record

Citizen Journalist Carla Zambelli has posted Jeff Salvino’s one minute Daily Daily Salvo — Red White Blue and Brown Please consider disseminating Jenny Brown’s clear, confident and consistent record of fiscal common sense and sunshine. Carla, Jeff and I cannot do this by ourselves. The consequences of a Democratic takeover of the County are catastrophic […]

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8 November Lower Merion Twp Commissioner Lou Barson: Job Creator Who Meets a Payroll Taxpayer

Job Creating Small Businessperson Who Meets a Payroll Lou Barson would be the only business person on the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners. Job Creator Who Meets a Payroll  Taxpayer  Lou Barson employs about 100 people, some of whom have been with the business for 30 years. Running a small business and meeting a payroll […]

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Lower Merion Housing Prices Decline: Democrats Spend More, Borrow More and Tax More

Lower Merion’s Clueless Commissioners (Proudly  Progressive Democrats) Spend More, Borrow More, and Tax More as Housing Prices Are Falling Off a Cliff in Lower Merion Zillow.com has some unpleasant statistics about the 10 year decline in housing prices in Lower Merion. 7 Year comparison March 2011 = February  2004 nominal prices unadjusted for inflation. Lower […]

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8 November Rich Kaufman: Lower Merion Bala Cynwyd – City Ave. Mega Rezoning

Rich Kaufman presents a cogent and dramatic argument against the City Ave Mega Rezoning proposal. Bala Cynwyd Comm. George Manos and the Lower Merion Board of Commissioner Majority support and advocate the City Avenue Mega Rezoning. Bala Cynwyd Commissioner George Manor and the Lower Merion Board of Commissioner Majority underestimate the taxpayer cost and the […]

26 June 2011 0 Comments

Pat Toomey: Lower Merion Street Signs

While not one of the burning issues of the age, the Federal Government’s proposed mandate for new street signs would not only have been very costly to the Lower Merion’s Forgotten Taxpayer but it would have affected the ambiance of the community. In age of GPS, street signs not only have a function, they have […]

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Yikes! Lower Merion Democrats Have Outdone Themselves: Ludington’s $9M Lower Merion Taxpayer Dollars and ….

Adding 10,400 Square Feet to Ludington Library Yields 10% Fewer Books on Shelf Please take a look at this posting at the Save Ardmore Coalition Website Worse than I thought. Embarrassingly stupid:  $9 million taxpayer dollars for Ludington EXPANSION alone…  I think this makes the obvious point that Democrats can’t be trusted with money. $24 Million […]

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Lower Merion Gateway Fountain Not Bubbling

Lower Merion’s Taxpayer’s Gateway Fountain elegantly enhancing the Bryn Mawr Trust Building Is Not Bubbling Cheryl Allison has a good article on this $135,000 trophy Gateway Fountain. Business owners wanted a fountain that The Forgotten Taxpayer would pay for. This forced contribution siphons productive resources from the community for benefit of a very, very few. […]