2 October 2012 0 Comments

Gibson Guitar Part 2- Kim Strassel – Federal Overreach – The Leviathan and the Anti-Capitalists

The Gibson Assault, The brilliant WSJ Free Market,  Kim Strassel on the Obama administration’s shakedown of Gibson Guitar. 8/8/2012 Unions, anti-capitalist Environmentalists, Protectionists expand Lacy Law. Listen More  VIDEO 5 minutes.          

20 June 2012 0 Comments

Government Is Not the Good Shepherd

Henry O’Hara of Worcester succinctly distills the salient point of what he was reminded of from last week’s Church service. The Biblical message, Hebrew and Christian, is that our obligations to our neighbors is personal. Each individual has a moral sense and a personal responsibility. This is the message of Jesus and the message of […]

27 January 2012 0 Comments

Newt “The Philandering Lobbyist” is David Challenging the Elite Republican Establishment

dr. bob and I have learned a lot on our travels to Charleston when Rick Perry declared and to Iowa Caucuses. What we learned is how the Elite Republican Establishment operates. and I would think the Elite Democratic Establishment as well. Walk a mile in the moccasins of a Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom, Strong […]

15 July 2011 0 Comments

Liberal Leviathan – Government/Taxpayer TempleU — Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

Liberal Leviathan Government/Taxpayer Subsidized TempleU Raises Tuition 10%(1 July 2011)  — Because It Could and It Wasn’t Necessary. Leviathans  Ann Weaver Hart, TempleU’s President Government Subsidies permit Subsidized (and, in this case, Tax Exempt) corporate billionaires to Misallocate Resources. Pennsylvania’s Republican General Assembly passed, and the Republican Governor, passed a bill transferring $146,823,000 to TempleU […]