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The Enemy Within Part 4: Attorney General’s Politicized Prosecution -Kathleen Kane for Attorney General – Tom Corbett’s Man Establishment Dave Freed = Cover-up – An Embarrassment to Pennsylvania Law Enforcement

Dave Freed – Tom Corbett’s Man – An Embarrassment to Law Enforcement in Pennsylvania  The Enemy Within  Republicans Part 4 – Kane v. Freed Who Is Leroy Zimmerman?  6 November Attorney General  End 32 Years of One Party Rule.  Four good reasons to elect the first Democrat as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General; Leroy Zimmerman, Senate Bonusgate Non-investigation, Harrisburg […]

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Election – Kathleen Kane Dave Freed and the Media Geniuses

– Tom Corbett’s Man Establishment Dave Freed = Cover-up; the expected consequences of 32 years of One Party Rule have become unavoidably and evidently obvious.  Not surprisingly, the Pennsylvania media has not paid much attention except PoliticsPa and Brad Bumsted of Tribune Review. READ MORE Kathleen Kane Media Geniuses and 32 Years of One Party […]

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Kathleen Kane Dave Freed Tom Corbett and Jerry Sandusky: Uncovering The Coverup

Brad Bumsted Tribune Review’s Harrisburg Report makes some salient points but leaves some questions. READ MORE 11 August 2012 The attorney general’s race & ‘the Sandusky factor’ What did Kathleen Kane have to say about reviewing former AG Corbett’s Sandusky investigation? 32years of One Party Rule may be enough. Power corrupts, even Republicans, does it […]

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6 November Penna. Attorney General – Kane Poll: Kathleen Kane Leads Dave Freed 48 to 27

If the Democrats do not screw this up by going negative against Tea Party, they can win. “Ending One Party Rule” is a powerful message to Tea Party which is burdened by Republican State Committee’s incompetence and arrogance. “Independent of Union Leadership” is another powerful theme. AG is supposed to protect workers, not Unions Leadership. […]

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April 24th Democratic Primary Attorney General Kane Is Able and Team Obama’s Patrick Murphy, Establishment Insider

April 24th Democratic Primary Attorney General Kane Is Able and Team Obama’s Patrick Murphy, Establishment Insider   Kathleen Kane is an experienced, competent prosecutor who has prosecuted rapists; Kathleen Kane is INDEPENDENT of the leadership of both parties and independent of Union leadership. Kathleen Kane Independent of the Leadership of both Parties and the Unions; […]

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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG – Part 5: LeRoy Zimmermann Hershey Trust AG Open Investigation

Kathleen Kane Independent of Party Leadership, a Prosecutor, not a Politician The Attorney General’s office has an active investigation ongoing of apparent financial improprieties at the multibillion dollar Hershey Trust for Disadvantaged Children. LeRoy Zimmerman Forbes 2011 – On November 30, 2011 LeRoy Zimmerman resigned from all boards (Bob Fernandez November 30, 2011 Inquirer) LeRoy […]

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Hack Alert Dave Freed: Not ” The Guy” – Republican Candidate Attorney General

HACK ALERT—-   Dave Freed: Not “The Guy” for Republican Nominee for Attorney General  Republican Dave Freed, Attorney General Wannabee, and current Cumberland County District Attorney. How likely is it that Dave Freed will continue the Penna. Attorney General’s investigation into the conflicts of interest of his father-in-law, former Penna. Attorney General, LeRoy Zimmerman, as […]