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Liberty Index Part 3: Key Votes and 4 Higher Education Appropriatons Acts of 2011

Key Votes 2010 -2011-2012 5 General Acts and 4 Higher Education Appropriations Acts Government Forces Taxpayers to Finance Private, Tax Exempt Non Profit Big Business Billionaire Higher Education Corporations The General Assembly will be voting on Higher Education Appropriations bills in June 2012

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Liberty Index Part 1: Overview – 33 General Acts 2012 – 14 Appropriations Acts of 2011 – 134 General Acts of 2011

The Liberty Index – A Research Tool of Pennsylvania Legislation The Republican Controlled Pennsylvania General Assembly  and the Republican Governor are loading more and more debt onto the Pennsylvania Taxpayer and forcing those same taxpayers to subsidize private, tax exempt, nonprofit, big business higher education billionaire corporations with half billion dollars annually. The media has […]

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Liberty Index Part 8 -Republicans and Democrats Force The Forgotten Taxpayer to Subsidize Billionaire Private Tax Exempt Corporations – Proposing a New Direction

Every June, the General Assembly, whether Democratic controlled or Republican controlled, forces The Forgotten Taxpayer to fund billionaire, private, tax exempt corporations. Penn State’s Trustees, Administrators, Faculty and Staff have been rewarded with over two billion dollars over the past 10 years. “Then there’s tuition. Grove City’s $13,598 annual tuition is less than half the […]

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Republicans Financing Billionaire Private Corporations with Taxpayer Dollars Part 4: ShopRite Corporation

                 $500,000 Pennsylvania Taxpayer Dollars Appropriated to Billionaire private corporation has hundreds of stores on from Connecticut to Maryland. Sen. Pileggi and Speaker Smith generously voted to give Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars to   ACT 130 OF 2011 –   The Vote by Member of House and Senate 22 December 2011 […]

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Republicans Financing Billionaire Private Corporations with Taxpayer Dollars Part 3: Teva Pharmaceutical Corporation

$2,500,000 to TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS Northeast Philadelphia Distribution Facility “Democratic State Sen. Mike Stack, US Rep Allyson Schwartz, Democratic Philadelphia Mayor  today joined Teva Pharmaceuticals at the ceremonial groundbreaking of its new distribution facility in Northeast Philadelphia.”     TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS “As the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the country, Teva Pharmaceuticals understands the importance of […]

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The Forgotten Taxpayer Relief Act: Instruction Not Construction – Taj Mahal School Construction at Prevailing Wage

We, the people, need to focus on the instruction our kids are getting and what they are learning. Too much emphasis has been on construction and not instruction. Rep. Doug Reichley voted for this common sense fiscal bill that reminds us that it is the productive taxpayer, who works, saves and invests and profitable, private […]

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School Referendum Act Amendum: Taxpayer Take Baby Step Forward

Act 25      Jun 30     SB 330 Taxpayer Relief Act – public referendum requirements and installment payment of school real property taxes The Liberty Index has scored this as: For Liberty    Tier 3: A “yea” vote will add 50 points to  legislator’s or governor’s grade and a “nay” vote will subtract 50 points  from the grade.   […]

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Key Vote: Liberty Index – 4 Appropriations Bills – Millions for Tax Exempt Corporate Billionaires

The Liberty Index will score a “yea” vote as Tier 3 Against Liberty and deduct 50 points from every legislator who votes “yea” on SB 1122 PENN STATE, SB 1123 UPITT, SB 1124 TempleU, SB 1126 UPENN and from the Governor if he signs these into law   Non-preferred appropriation bills, which require the affirmative […]