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Liberty Index Part 14: Key Votes – Act 16 of 2012 – Keystone Opportunity Zone

Act 16 of 2012   Feb 14  2012    SB 1237  Keystone Opportunity Zone and Shell Cracker Facility TIER 3   AGAINST LIBERTY   This was a near UNANIMOUS VOTE, only Sen. John Eichelberger voted “Nay” in the General Assembly and there appear to be valid reasons for a “yea” or “nay” vote. ALL MEMBERS will have 50 points […]

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Liberty Index Part 13: Key Vote – Act 13 of 2012 – Marcellus Shale

Act 13      Feb 14 2011     HB 1950 Oil and Gas (58 Pa.C.S )  Tier 3 Against Liberty This was a near UNANIMOUS VOTE and there appears to be valid reasons for both “YEA” or “NAY” vote. ALL MEMBERS  50 Points deducted from Grade      Although as Sen. Folmer says, this might have been […]

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Liberty Index Part 12: Act 131 of 2011 – Redistricting Gerrymandering

Gerrymander TIER 3 AGAINST LIBERTY 50 POINTS MAJOR IMPACT ON LIBERTY   ALL MEMBERS This is a complicated bill containing good provisions and bad provisions and there are valid reasons for voting “yea” or “nay” so this will be graded ALL MEMBERS and all members will have 50 point SUBTRACTED to their grade. Because the 2001 […]

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Liberty Index Part 11: Act 46 of 2011 – Worker’s Comp – Fire Fighter – Too Expensive for Gov. Ed Rendell

Act 46        Jul 7  2011  HB 797 Workers’ Compensation Act – cancer in the occupation of firefighter   TIER 3 AGAINST LIBERTY – ALL MEMBERS UNANIMOUS VOTE    50 points will be subtracted from the ALL MEMBERS This was a very expensive vote for the citizens of Pennsylvania. This bill (then HB 1231) was vetoed by former […]

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Liberty Index Part 10: Act 22 of 2011 – Public Welfare Reform

  Act 22     Jun 30 2011       HB 960 Public Welfare Code – omnibus amendments TIER 3 FOR LIBERTY – “yea” vote will add 50 points to Legislator’s or Governor’s grade and a “nay” vote will subtract 50 points from the grade. This Act makes cuts to welfare spending, cuts down on fraud and abuse, gives DPW […]

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Liberty Index Part 9: Senate Bill 1480 Capital Budget Increases The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Debt by $1,675,000,000

SENATE BILL  1480   $1,675,000,000 ADDITIONAL DEBT SENATE FISCAL NOTE has general categories but no details…. Pennsylvania State and Local Debt Commonwealth Foundation April 15, 2012   $127,302,785, 456  or $1o, 239 per person in Pennsylvania Senate Republican Leaders, they are there to help, are they not? .   Which Lobbyists Are On the Calendar Today? Capita l […]

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Liberty Index Part 7: Republicans Protecting Harrisburg Bond Holders at Expense of The Forgotten Taxpayer Act 79 of 2011

Harrisburg City Council to Commonwealth Court: Make David Unkovic Talk  Friday, May 11, 2012,  ERIC VERONIKIS, The Patriot-News Paragraph Four: ” Gov. Tom Corbett, who appointed Unkovic and is looking for a new receiver, doesn’t want a hearing on why Unkovic left, according to the governor’s staff. Corbett believes Harrisburg should focus only on moving […]

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Liberty Index Part 6: Property Tax Relief and Referendum on Spending and Tax Increases – Act 25 of 2011

In my opinion, the simplest way to reduce property taxes, which are primarily driven by government school spending is to require a referendum on any tax increase or spending increase above a certain limit, for example, increase in number of students. In 2011, the Republican controlled legislature and the Republican Governor passed an improved version […]

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LIberty Index Part 5: Act 130 of 2011 – Governor’s Project List Adding $1,600,000,000 to Pennsylvania Debt -RACP List Philadelphia

With General Assembly’s “YEA” vote for Capital Budget  Act 130 of 2011, The Republican Controlled General Assembly and Republican Governor  added $1.6 billion dollars in debt to Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer’s financial burden and, simultaneously, voted millions for private billionaire  corporations:   Project List RACP 2011- 12  and RACPLIST PDF  Philadelphia List   The Republican controlled General […]

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Liberty Index Part 4: Tier 3 Votes of 2011 – Six Key Votes That Affect Your Life

   Act 18       Jun 30     HB 15   Pennsylvania Web Accountability and Transparency         (PennWATCH) Act TIER 3 FOR LIBERTY   All Members Unanimous Vote    The Vote was unanimous in both House and Senate and will be graded “All Members” because all legislators and the Governor will get equal credit.  PennWATCH Pennsylvania Web Accountability Transparency and […]