12 October 2012 0 Comments

Karl Marx Introduced Anti-Semitism Into America – Max Geltman

  ” The Russian Loan” January 4th, 1856, a slow news day, “Jews, loan mongering and the Russian Czar and New England Intellectuals, Emerson, Greeley, Hawthorne, Charles Augustus Dana, Charles Fourier  ” and more are part of this fascinating insight. Karl Marx is the one who introduced “class warfare analysis” into economics, and here he […]

12 January 2012 0 Comments

Communist Manifesto: Marx’s Ten Point Plan – Some Commentary

Communist Manifesto with Marx Ten Point Plan Communist Manifesto audio (2:09 hours) Karl Marx Jewish Virtual Library Commentary on Basic Theories of Marx by Marxist Ernest Mandel  (note page 2 Historical Materialism and Social Sciences) The ever helpful Wikipedia Friedrich Engels The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State: in the light of […]

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Frederic Bastiat v. Karl Marx: Free Market v. Class Warfare

The excellent resource Mises.Org presents a concise history of the economic ideas of Frederic Bastiat; Free Market, Free Trade, Free People, Limited Government xxxx    Free Market v. Scientific Socialism Karl Marx never had a job!  Frederich Engles on Karl Marx Mises. org: “While [Frederic ]Bastiat was shaping economic opinion in France, Karl Marx was writing […]